Nosy Ban

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I walked up the steps, the horrible sounds of retching getting louder. The bathroom door was open, showing Y/n bowing over the toilet. I walked into the bathroom and held her hair back. "Thanks Meliodas."she groaned before focusing her attention on the toilet once again. When she was done, she wiped her mouth, standing up as I rubbed her back. She rinsed put her mouth and washed her hands. "You good?"I asked. She slowly nodded, heading to the bed. She curls up into a small circular form, holding her knees up to her chest, her covers up to her shoulder. I planted a small kiss on her cheek and left, letting her fall asleep.

*time skip*
"What's wrong with Y/n?"Ban asks. "Let's wait till she wakes up. Then I might tell you."I say. "Tell us now Captain."Ban says. "It's a secret."I say. "Secret my immortal ass; Tell us Captain."Ban says. "If I tell you, Y/n will be angry. And at this time, it's uhhh..... not a good time the mess with her. Especially with her uhhhh.....mood swings."I say. "Mood swings my ass Captain, I'm getting answers."Ban says, getting up from the bar and marching upstairs.

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