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"Y/n?" Meliodas asks. "Yes?" I ask. "I actually........do love you. And if I lose you. ..I'd go crazy." Meliodas says. "Oh, and by the way,....I got you something." Meliodas says. "What did you get me Meliodas?" I ask while giggling. "Turn around...." Meliodas whispers. "Every now and then I get a little bit hungry?" you sing while turning around. "No you goofball. This." Meliodas whispers before kissing me on the lips.

Meliodas's pov-
"Stop..." Y/n whines softly as a poke her arm. "Why should I?" I ask. "Cause I told you to. And because you love me." Y/n mutters. "Do I love you?" I ask. "I do. I do love you." I say. "Riddle me this..." Y/n starts. "How would you feel..." she says. "Nevermind..." she says before giggling. "Tell me Y/n!" I groan. "Uhmm.....are you sure? It's really....bad....or it would be terrible. Well I'm sure no one would want it to happen but....one of the daughters of King Bartra." she says. "Which one?" I ask. "Don't try it
Y/n..." a voice says. "Who's there?" I ask, jumping out of bed and grabbing my sword. "It's me Sir Meliodas, Elizabeth." Elizabeth says. "I found a way to defeat Y/n... or at least to surrender to me." Elizabeth says. Then I hear crying. Dara. "Mom....I'm sorry, I tried....I tried to fight her.....but I wasn't strong enough." Dara says, while crying. "Dara it's not your fault, she knew you wouldn't be able to fight her. So she went for you."
Y/n mutters. "Give me Meliodas, or the child dies." Elizabeth threatens.

Your pov-

Then, it was silent, the only sound there is, was me and Dara crying."Elizabeth, look...I really don't wanna hurt you. But if you wanna end up like Arthur, I suggest your give Y/n her daughter back, and leave."Meliodas says, breaking the silence. "But Meliodas, I love you. And you love me!" Elizabeth says. Elizabeth throws Dara to the ground, and wake toward me. Then, all of Elizabeth's thoughts flooded my mind. How? How does this happen again!?!? I put my hands over my ears,and tears flowed down my cheeks. "Elizabeth...take everything. Take Meliodas. Take Dara. Even Zeldris, yes Zeldris. Take everyone. I don't care. Your not stopping me. Your encouraging me. Encouraging me, and giving me power, I'm feeding of my fear, and turning it into power. Do it. Take them. I. Don't. Care. All I have to say, is remember my sin. I'll even tell you. I am Y/n, the wolf sin of Trickery." I say. "Take them." I say.

Elizabeth's pov-
"Take them." Y/n says. A shadow was covering the top half of her face. There was a smile on her face, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Take them!" Y/n says louder. "You don't care..." I mutter. "Right. I dont." she mutters. Somehow, everyone was in the room, staring at Y/n. "Vinela." I say, which teleport myself and everyone, except Y/n to a cottage.

Your pov-
"They're gone. I'll miss them." I mutter to myself.

Meliodas's pov-
" She's gone. I'll miss her. "I mutter.

(*5years later*)
Your pov-
I have to run. I can't stop now. They'll kill me. "Leave me alone!" I yell, running faster as I look back at the men who were chasing me. After 5 years of searching for them....I can't find them. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop. But what if I stop running. They'll shoot me with an arrow that can easily kill me. What if they forgot about me? I'm stopping. They can't kill me. Cause I won't let them. I stop running. Thwap. That's the sound of the arrow, leaving the bow. Woosh. That's the sound of me, catching the arrow from my blind side. I'm going to survive. Crack. That's the sound of me breaking the arrow. She did a very good job hiding them. it the again, she was right, but she was wrong. I found it. I found it. I found them. I see a little kid. She looked like...me. "Dara!" I yell, running to my daughter. "MOM!" she yells, running toward me. I pick her up, and spin her around. "I missed you so much." she whispers. "I heard, that a little girl recently turned 10?" I tease. "That's me!" she says. "Here kiddo, I'm sorry for not being there for ya." I say, giving her a bouquet of roses. "Thanks mom, don't worry about it, I forgive you. I know it's been hard." she says before hugging me again. I don't knock. I kicked the door down. "Did you miss me?" I ask. "Y/n!" everyone shouts. Even Gowther was surprised. He didn't show it, but I saw it. King flew toward me and hugged me. "I missed you so much sis." he muttered. "I missed you too King." I say, hugging him back. Diane was in her small form and she hugged me, along with Ban, Merlin, and Escanor. "We missed you Y/n!" Diane says. "We missed you a lot Y/n." Merlin and Escanor say. "I missed you princess. Now go get Captain." Ban says, hugging me. "Right." I say. "Vinela." I mutter, which teleport me to Elizabeth's room. Meliodas was tied to a chair, and Elizabeth was talking to him. "Ya I know, if your such a princess them why are you doing this to him?" I asked, giggling lightly. Elizabeth hasn't growth much. She still looked like a thot though. Elizabeth stated at me, and I stared back. "Let him go, Elizabeth." I mutter angrily. "No! Meliodas loves me! And only me! He doesn't want, a ratched skank, poor excuse for a fairy, dirty little girl, who couldn't keep her own sister alive!" Elizabeth shouts. "If Y/n was a ratched skank, poor excuse for a fairy, dirty little girl, who couldn't keep her own sister alive,which she isn't, then I want her! She's better than a thotty old princess! "Meliodas says.

Meliodas's pov-
I break out of the ropes, and stand up. I look Y/n Right in the eyes, her eyes were brimming with tears. "I love you, Y/n. And if anyone else says otherwise, then they are meaningless." I say, tears tears calling down my cheeks. Y/n walks toward me, and places her hands on my cheeks, wiping my tears. "Why do you care for me Y/n?" I ask. "Becuase Meliodas,....I love you." she says. Then, and kisses me, her lips are soft and tasted...sweet. I love her.

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