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"Hey there Captain. Y/n."Ban said, nodding at me and Meliodas. "Hey Ban, hey everyone. I'm going to go to sleep." I yawn.

*the next day*
{King's pov}
I went up to Y/n's room. "Out! I'm sleeping!"she shouted at me. "I just wanted to-"I say. "Out!"she shouted at me. "OUT! I WANNA GO BACK TO SLEEP!"she yelled at me. "Y/n I-"
Y/n let out a sigh. "What is it King?"

"Are you pregnant?"

"Yeah, probably ."I smile.

"So I'm an Uncle."

"Yeah, probably."

"Now can I go back to sleep?"

"No,I have coffee."

"Coffee? Gimme gimme gimme!"She says, hopping out of bed. Her hair was in messy curls and she had bags under her eyes. Captain wrapped his arms around Y/n's waist and nuzzled her neck. They both smiled. I sighed. "I'm warning you Captain, If you break her heart you die."I growl. "Got it!"Captain says before kissing Y/n on the cheek.

"King. Coffee. Give it to me."Y/n says. "Hold on."I say as Y/n groans loudly. "I need the coffee. Now."she groans. I went downstairs, Y/n and Captain following me. There were 3 cups of coffee sitting on the bar table. Before Captain and I could grab one, Y/n swooped all three and drank them. "Mmm.....I'm still tired. Let's all hope the coffee works tomorrow!"Y/n says before falling asleep on the bar. Captain picks her up bridal style, and takes her upstairs.

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