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F/d:Favorite desert
*weeks later*

"Y/n, I'm no doctor but it doesn't look like your stomach is growing. 'You havin' a miscarriage or somethin'?"Ban asks, leaning over the counter. "When a fairy is pregnant her stomach doesn't increase in growth, or swelling that much."I sigh. Meliodas put his head on my lap. I looked to the left and saw Elizabeth giving a costumer his food. "Ban..... pssssss...... Ban!"I whispered. Ban didn't hear me. "Pssssssss......Ban!"I whispered louder. He turned. "What Y/n can't you see I'm busy here?"Ban groaned. "I want some food."I say. "You just had food 30 minutes ago; Can't ya wait or somethin'?"Ban says. "I don't think so."I say. "Ehhhhh....I think you can."Ban shrugs, turning his attention back to his cooking. I let out a long sigh, causing Meliodas to lay his head on my shoulder and wrap his arms around me. "How cute."Diane whispered. "Hey Y/n,"Meliodas says. "Yes?"I say. "I want, to.....ask you something later."he says. "Ask me now."I say. "Can't. It'll ruin the surprise."Meliodas says. I got excited. "Surprise?!"I squeal. "Tell me now!"I beg estatically.

{Meliodas's pov}
"Please Mel-"She was cut off by my lips connecting to hers. She smirked. Then it fell to a frown. "Can you make me something to eat?"she whines. I got up, and asked Ban to make Y/n something.

*time skip*
Ban gave Y/n some chicken with vegetables. She ate the chicken, and left the vegetables. "Y/n, the babies need to be healthy."I coax. Y/n shook her head. "I refuse to eat those healthy shits."she says. "There not shits."I say. "There nasty."She says. "C'mon Y/n, there not that bad. And- if you eat them, you get f/d!"I coax. "But-"I cut her off by putting a finger to her lips. "Shhhhhh, eat your vegetables."I say. She slowly held up a tiny piece of broccoli, and but it. She immediately spit it out. "Meliodas, it tastes like literal shit."she says. Y/n put a hand over her mouth while running to the bathroom. I brushed her hair out of the way and rubbed her back. She let out a groan. "I-"she started, then she turned back to he toilet again. She groaned, getting up and rinsing her mouth out in the sink. "No. More. Vegetables."she says, her voice tired. "I have something that will make you feel better."I smile. Y/n raised an eyebrow. I grabbed her hand and covered her eyes. I sat her on the bed. "Don't open your eyes!"I grinned.

*time skip*

{Your pov}
Meliodas grabbed me by the hand, my eyes were still closed so he had to lead me to where he was going.  He walked me down the steps and led me.........outside? "M-Meliodas, why are we outside?"I ask. I didn't feel Meliodas's grip on my hands. I opened my eyes. I looked around. There was nothing by the woods to my left, and grass to my right. I looked down to see rose petals scattered on the ground, creating a path. I followed the path, which led into the forest.  The path soon ended with a statue of a (favorite thing) . I stood there, speechless. I felt an arm wrap around my waist. "Meliodas......I-"I was cut off by a kiss. I kissed him back.
Meliodas broke away from the kiss. "Y/n, I have something to ask you."Meliodas says, he took both of my hands in his. We locked eyes. "Are you ready?"he asked. I nodded. He got onto one knee. "M-Meliodas..."I whispered. "Y/n, will you marry me?"he asked.

"I mean, it's okay if you don't want t-"I bent down and kissed him on the lips. "I do. I do want to marry you."I smile. Meliodas kisses me. "I love you Y/n."Meliodas smirked. "I love you too Meliodas." I grin. He grabbed my hand and slid a gold ring with (birthstone)s on it. I kissed him again.

*time skip*
King and Diane were kissing. "Oh my god!"I squealed. "GET SOME KING!"Ban shouted which mad Diane and King blush madly as the started kissing again. I started laughing. Meliodas nuzzles against my neck, smiling.  "Alright Meliodas I'm going to bed, see ya in the morning okay?"I say. Meliodas wrapped his arms around my neck so I carried him upstairs with me and went to sleep.

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