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Oh, and if your wondering, Dara is wandering around town with Merlin.

{Meliodas's pov}
After putting Y/n in bed, I went downstairs. "So Captain, where are we heading next?"Ban asks. "Well, Y/n is sleeping, so we can't go anywhere if we don't want to wake her up."I say. "Y/n doesn't sleep during the day. What's going on Captain?"Diane asks. "Nothing. Y/n's just tired. She barely got any sleep last night."I reply. "Captain, we all know that Y/n always goes to sleep when she can. And she's only a night owl when she's drunk,she never drinks coffee. So why don't you tell us what's really going on."Ban says. "Meliodas!"I heard Y/n groan. Wasn't she just sleep? The group exchanged looks as I shrugged and walked upstairs.

"Meliodas! Come here!"Y/n groaned as she saw me, leaning against the door frame. "I need f/f,-favorite food-,"she says. "I'm not sure we have that Y/n."I say sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck. "Got any ale?"she asks. "You know we do. But, it's not healthy for the...."I look around before finishing,"Kid."

Y/n nodded. "They don't know do they?"she asks. I shook my head. "Well, I mean, how are we gonna tell them? We can't just walk up to everybody and say 'Hey everybody I'm pregnant!'."she says. "Then when do we tell them?"I ask. "Tomorrow, second thing in the morning when I wake up."she smiles. "Why not first thing in the morning?"I ask. "Because, when I wake up, if I'm not hungry, I'm going back to sleep."she grins as I laugh.

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