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Dara's pov-
"It was to get over the thought of....you not....loving me back." Meliodas says. I then around and cover my ears, squeezing my eyes shut.

Dara's pov-
"Later Meliodas!" Y/n says as she walks away. I open my eyes and walk with Y/n. "Where ya goin'?" Meliodas asks. Y/n giggles and turns around. "Young Dara-chan wants me to see me get revenge on Elizabeth." Y/n says. Before Meliodas could stop her, Y/n ran downstairs, holding my hand. "Young Dara-chan....." Y/n says, giggling and raising her eyebrows. I look up at her. "Wanna help?" she asks, still giggling. "Let's do this." I say.

Elizabeth tries to run but Y/n grabs her by the shoulders. "Stop running...I won't even kill you. Your just getting on my nerves." Y/n mutters. "Let me go! Meliodas doesn't love you! And he never will! He loves me!" Elizabeth shouts. Y/n drags her outside with one hand, a rope in the other.  "Speak once more....and I'll the you to a tree. And I'll taunt you till you grow tired." Y/n spat. "Meliodas wants a princess! Not some poor excuse for a fairy, a girl who couldn't keep her own sister alive!" Elizabeth spat. Y/n throws out her hand, which causes Elizabeth the fly into a tree. "Next time you talk trash you will highly regret it." Y/n spat as she tied up Elizabeth. "I'm not a poor excuse for a fairy. Say that again, I'll rip your head off and heal you back up, just to make your death last longer. You'll feel every inch of it." Y/n threatens.

"You seriously need help. Didn't I tell you already!?! Meliodas doesn't love you. I'm the better princess." Elizabeth says. "A princess like you shouldn't lie..." Y/n says. She steps back and smiles. Her smile was crooked...She was scary. I giggled hysterically.  "Hinera Irenera Koratsu!" Elizabeth yells. A white beam of light travels towards me."No! Dara!" Y/n yells, while jumping in front of me, taking the hit. "NO! Y/N!" I yell. "HELP!" I yell, which makes the forest shake.

Meliodas's pov -
"HELP!" I hear someone yell. "Did you guys just hear that?" I ask. "Yeah! Someone's in trouble!" King stammered. We all get up and run toward the shouts. I look forward and see Dara."Help!" Dara shouts. Y/n was cradled in her arms. Everyone ran down the hill toward them. Elizabeth was standing in front of Dara, grinning. "Y-y/n!" King and Ban yell, kneeling beside Y/n. "Hey guys. Wait! Where's Dara! "Y/n asks. She looks up and sees Dara. "Oh Dara! You have me such a fright child." Y/n says. "Who attacked you guys?" I ask. "E-Elizabeth... "Y/n says. Y/n runs a finger over the large hole in her stomach. "Harlequin ?" Y/n says. "Yes Y/n?" King asks nervously. "Am I a poor excuse for a fairy?" Y/n asks. "No!" King says.

*couple hours later...cause you have a very lazy author that sucks a everything*(YOUR POV)

"Y/n?" Meliodas whispers lazily. You guys were laying on the floor, staring at each other. "How did you get your sin?" Meliodas inquires. "I-uhmmm....well...ummm..." You mutter nervously,mindlessly tracing circles on the floor with your finger. Meliodas holds your chin in his hand,tilting it upward. "Tell me."he whispers softly. "I...uhmmm..." you mutter, as a deep blush creeps to your cheeks. "I let myself get tricked...too many times. There...was a time where I actually made a deal..." you say, your voice trailing off. "And...uhmmm...lets just say...I made a very bad deal...and I kinda sorta got kidnapped...and raped..." you mutter, hoping that Meliodas didn't hear you. "He heard you Y/n. Sparkle!" Gowther says before ridiculously posing. DAMMIT GOWTHER;you thought as you face palmed. You close your eyes and sigh. You mindlessly lie on your back. You let out another sigh and open your eyes. "Wha-!" you shout. Meliodas was hovering over you, breathing slowly. "Meliodas..." you mutter. "Y/n, as your captain, I demand you to tell me who hurt you." Meliodas.says with a serious and angry tone. It was angrier than he usually gets. If if looks could kill, you'd be dead. "Arthur....King Arthur of Camelot..." you mutter. King looks at you as you say his name. "LIAR! Arthur would never do such a thing!" Elizabeth shouts. "I..." you start. Elizabeth tries to say something,.but Meliodas cuts her off. "Elizabeth, let Y/n talk." Meliodas says. "Sure thing Sir Meliodas!" Elizabeth chirps. Everyone clamps their hands over their ear when she says this. You giggle and finish what you were saying. "I have somehow, permanent bite marks....and bruises......." you say. Meliodas clenched his fists."Show them." Ban says. "How have I never know about this?" King growls. "Chill King, just look." Ban says, pointing to you. You take off your shirt, which showed bite marks on your neck and shoulders, and bruises on your stomach, from punishment. Tears stream down everyone's faces, not including Elizabeth,who had a smirk on her face, and obviously Gowther, who was again studying everyone's emotions. "Pssshhhh...She lying, can't you tell!?!?" she yells. "I'm not lying!" you yell. "Show them the rest..." Ban mutters, while tears call down his cheeks. You take off your pants, which cut everyone off speechless, because, 1: you never stripped half naked in front of anyone but Ban, and 2:because of the deeper bite marks and you had deep cuts. "Lies." Elizabeth sings."How can that be a lie!?!!?! "Ban and King yell, tears still rolling down their cheeks. "It appears,that the Captain, has left." Gowther points out, adjusting his glasses.

Meliodas's pov-
After seeing Y/n's bruises....I was done. I'll kill that dick. Even if it kills me. I'll be resurrected by the curse. Then when I turned around, the group's was running toward me, and Escanor grabbed me, pulling me backwards. "DAMMIT!" I yells, pounding my fists against the ground. I eventually ended up in the tavern, crying softly, cursing my self under my breath, being cradled in Y/n's arms. "It...it's all my fault..." I mutter between breaths. "No...it's not your fault. How can it be your fault of you did nothing to cause it? You know Meliodas you sure are a real dumbass sometimes..." Y/n mutters lazily. "I know Y/n...I know." I mutter before we both call asleep.


Meliodas:Hehehehe Author-chan you know it's not over yet...we haven't finished yet...

Me:Okay Meliodas one more part

Meliodas:At least 22 more parts....an order from your captain

Me:Okay...but make Y/n feel special! Don't go back to Elizabeth! Or you'll eat dirt for a week. You know that you can't survive without my cooking.

Meliodas:Yeah right DaHalia...

Me:Oh! Was that a challenge Meliodas? Game on! You'll see...you'll get a tease out of this one Meli. Cause.....

I'm sorry

I had to do it....

Blame R....just R...I can't show his name... But....



Meliodas face palms...

Meliodas:See ya next time readers! *winks and blows a kiss*


Meliodas:Haha Make me DaHalia...

Me:Bye Meli~

Meliodas:Bye DaHalia~

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