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"Okay Ban....did you know...that I missed the violent side of you too?"she asks. "Actually I've been wanting to get this off my chest...not that it will matter but..." she says.

Ban's pov-
"I...uhmmm...I....I....uhmmm.......I.........I.......I wanted to ask you something,...actually." Y/n says nervously. "What is it Y/n?" I ask. "I-umphh!" she couldn't finish her sentence because someone clamped a hand over her mouth. "At last me meet again.....Y/n the Wolf Sin of Trickery. I missed you...."the man says. "No!" Y/n yells, punching the man straight in the mouth. Thick chains are thrown around her wrists. "Ban! Tell Meliodas...that...I love him. Tell everyone that I'll be back! And tell King that I'll come back to him no matter what!" Y/n yells before getting dragged away. "And if anyone tries to stop me, I'll kill them...even Meliodas!" the man says. I trusted back home in anger, sadness, and fright.

*time skip*
I stomp through the tavern and sit at the bar. I grab a bottle of ale and take a swig. "Yo, Ban! What's up?" Captain says. "She's gone...!" I say, hanging my fist on the bar counter,.which makes everyone jump. "She said...that she loves you Captain, she said that she'd be back, she said, that she'll come back to you King,....no matter what." I say, my voice filled with anger and sadness, once again hanging my fist on the counter.

*two years pass*(I wrote this down...and I've been thinking about this all day.)I hope you like it😘

Your pov-

'Whyy did they stop here again? Yet again, it has been two whole years.';You thought as you walked through Camelot. You desperately wanted to go see the other sins.
*time skip*
"Y/n!" Diane whisper yells excitedly. "Hey Diane!" you say as she hugs you. She puts you down and you walk into the tavern. Everyone looks at you, their eyes wide. You lift an eyebrow, and clear your throat. "Is there a bug on my face?" you ask, slightly scared. Merlin quietly laughs, "We're just...." she says, slightly pausing. "...surprised." she finishes. "Okay!" you say. There was a kid named Dara, sitting at one of the booths. You walk over to her and sit at the booth with her. Her brown eyes widened. "Oh! Your Y/n-chan! Your so pretty!" she squeals. "Hi Dara! Who told you about me?" you ask. "Sir King told me about you..." Dara says, wrapping a strand of her raven blue hair around her finger.

Dara had convinced you to play hide and seek. "Okay! You hide, and I'll count!" she squeals. You hide in your room and shortly, Dara found you. You walk with Dara to go downstairs, you hear Elizabeth shouting Meliodas's name. "Cover your eyes Dara. And don't open them until I tell you to,child." you whisper. You turn into Merlin, so Meliodas doesn't know it's you. You quietly laugh, scaring Dara. "Hmm. Figures." You say. You puching a hole in the door, the hole s
showing Merlin, and not you. You walk forward, out of sight from the hole and you turn back to your normal self. "Open your eyes child, let's go downstairs." you say, your eyes brimming with tears. You rush Dara downstairs, closely following. You look at Ban, the only sin you've had contact with, who had his head down in disappointment. Then he lifts his head up when he hears footsteps. "Y/n..." he says. "Ban..." you choke out, tears threatening to spill. He wraps an arm around your head, and the other around your waist. "Stop holding it in..." he whispers. "Ban....I missed...I missed you so much!"You say, crying into his chest. Tears roll down Ban's cheeks, the tears call into your hair but you didn't care. "Th-this is what pain feels like....isn't it?" you ask. "Yeah,yeah princess it is." he says. "I...I wish that it would go away...." you say, crying some more. Meliodas walks downstairs and you hid behind Ban. Everyone was low-spirited after seeing you and Ban, well, except Meliodas and Elizabeth, and of course Gowther, who as studying the emotions of everyone. "Why is everyone so gloomy?" Meliodas asks. "Merlin, why were you playing tag with Dara?" he asks. "That wasn't me. It was all simply the work of Y/n." Merlin says. You were invisible, so Meliodas couldn't see you. "Well, I don't see her." Meliodas said. You stood beside Ban, still invisible. "Y/n..." Gowther says, walking up to you and Ban. "Is right here." Gowther continues, placing a hand on your head, which made you appear. 'Dammit Gowther... ';you mentally scolded. "Hey Y/n!" Meliodas says, getting the ready to hug you. "Piggy-Hawk! Carry me please!" You say, carelessly calling back. Hawk catches you and he trots to the bar. "Thanks Piggy-chan!" you say, playfully bowing. "Come on Ban! Let's....drink some more ale!" you call to Ban. " IT'S A SAD PARTY FOR TWO! ORDER UP CAPTAIN! "Ban yells. In a few minutes you and Ban were drunk. "HANGOVER TWINS!" you and Ban yell.

*next morning*

Ban's pov-
"Hangover twins!" me and Y/n groan happily. "Can I punch you square in the jaw Princess Elizabeth?" Y/n asks. "No thank you Y/n." Elizabeth says. "C'mere Elizabeth!" Y/n groans. Pretty active for a girl that has a hangover. Elizabeth tries to run but Y/n grabs her collar. I cringe as Y/n punches Elizabeth in the face and doesn't stop. "Y/n! Y/n chill!" I call. Then Elizabeth stabs Y/n in the stomach "Ouch..." Y/n whines softly, as she falls to the floor. " Y/n! "King shouts, rushing to Y/n's aid. "I'm fine." Y/n says, running a finger over her stab wound, stitching it up. "Take Dara to the village, King. I don't want her seeing this. It's not something a girl her age should be seeing." Y/n says. "But Y/n-chan!" Dara says. Y/n turns her head. "I wanna see you fight! I promise I won't get in the way!" Dara pleads. "Okay Dara-chan..." Y/n says. Y/n hops to her feet. She giggles hysterically, cursing under her breath. "Wait, don't worry your next. Just let me deal with Meliodas for a second." Y/n says to Elizabeth. "Come on young Dara-chan!" Y/n sings, sending chill down my spine.

Dara's pov-
I follow Y/n up the steps to see Meliodas. "Meliodas did the message I left for you mean nothing?" she asks,her eyes brimming with tears. "It...meant something to me." Meliodas says. "But...I didn't know what I felt. The last time I felt love....was when I was with L-Liz..." Meliodas says,his eyes brimming with tears. "Explain Elizabeth of Liones then." Y/n demands. "It was to get over the thought of....you not....loving me back." Meliodas says. I then around and cover my ears, squeezing my eyes shut.

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