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I looked down to my right. "Hello Mira-belle, have you been here the whole time?" I ask. "No my Queen, I just came to pick up your weapons." Mira-belle says, pointing at my heap of weapons behind me. "There's no need to, I'll do it, just inform the others that I'm here. Okay?" I ask. "You got it!" she says as she bows.

I heard growling. "No doubt that's Meliodas."I mutter as I ran upstairs. The growling got louder as I walked into a room. Meliodas was on the floor, clutching his stomach. "Oh?"I said, staring at his wound. "Daniel did it."I sigh. I ran a finger over Meliodas's cut as he stopped growling. "Meliodas."I whispered. "Hi Y/n. Where am I?"Meliodas asks. "In......The goddess realm I guess."I shrug. "And I'm their queen. Daniel's dead. So we can leave."I say. "No."Meliodas says. "No?"I ask. "No. I wanna stay here."he says. "Here? You sure?"I ask. "Positive."he smiles. "Let's roam the castle."he grins. "I think you should get some rest Mel."I say, unsure. Meliodas groans. "Okay."he sighs. "Your going to going to sleep to right?"he asks. "Gotta run the castle bud, sorry."I sigh. I looked up, and Meliodas was sleeping.

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