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  You run through the woods, and listen to the holy knights, laughing and joking. Shit. If I move I'm dead meat. Eh...I'll stay in Baste for a little fun;You thought. You jump out of the bushes, and the holy knights capture you with no problem.

*time skip: brought to you by...Baste Prison*

"She'll go perfect being in the same cell as Undead Ban, right?" a guard asks. Ban? Harlequin and Elaine told me stories about him;You thought. They throw you in the cell, and you see a shirtless man. " Hey little girl.It's not a good place for a child like you. " Ban says. "I'm not a child I'm 3,000 years old." you say. "Well what's your name Shortie?" Ban asks. " Y/n. " You squeal, when he creeps toward you. "Chill. I won't hurt you. Who are you again?" Ban says. "My name is Y/n." you say. "Chastiefol." you whisper,which creates a f/c big pillow with wolves on it. You lay on your pillow and sigh. "Hey, where did you get that pillow?" Ban asks. " don't worry about it. " You mutter before you drift off to sleep.

"King...please, let me do it. I'm strong enough!" you and Elaine beg.I
"No. Let me and Ban handle it. You two are still weak. You have to stop fighting, and let yourself heal." King says. Then, there was a big explosion and a demon punched a hole in Elaine and a man's stomach. "No! Elaine!" you called out,flying toward the her. The man pours the drink of youth(or whatever you call it),into Elaine's mouth,but Elaine kisses the man, letting the drink fall into the man's mouth. "Elaine!" You cry, holding her near lifeless body in your arms. "Sister, don't cry, promise you'll protect King and Ban for me, okay?" Elaine asks, weakly. Who's Ban?;you thought. "I pr-promise. R-rest in peace,big sister." you whisper.
Nightmare Ends/:

You wake up to a loud crash. "What the..." you say, walking up, and wiping the tears from your face. "Ban!" a blonde boy yells. "Captain!" Ban yells. Then they take blows at eachother. The short blonde hits Ban, throwing him backwards, breaking walls. "Oh! I love it when the Captain gets all worked up like this!" a giant exclaims. Giant? Wait....CAPTAIN?!?!?!?;You thought. Your attention focuses back on Ban and the blonde kid. Ban gets up and yells, "My turn!" , and hits The blonde kid. The two run to eachother, and play this type of aggressive patty cake, then they lay on the ground and arm wrestle. After that, the blonde kid runs up to me. "Hey Ban," the boy calls, staring at you. You began to feel uncomfortable, and you blush madly. "Yeah Captain?" Ban asks. "Who's this?" the boy asks, cocking his head to the left. Then you feel something squeeze your boobs. "Ah-uhmmm....someone? A little help?" you whimper. "CAPTAIN YOU FILTHY WOMANIZER!!!" the giant yells,punching the blonde kid.

*time skip*
"So what's the deal with all this?" you ask. "What do ya mean?" the blonde kid asks. "The giant girl and Ban call you captain. Why is that?" you ask.

Meliodas's POV-
"The giant girl and Ban call you captain. Why is that?" the girl with h/l h/c hair says. "Cause we're the Seven Deadly Sins." I say. Then, a blush creeps onto the girl's face. "Anyway,I'm Meliodas,the Dragon Sin of Wrath!" I say. "Nice to meet you Meliodas." Y/n says, while giggling. "Oh, that's Diane,Elizabeth,Ban,who you already met, and--" I say,then Hawk cuts me off. "I'm--"Hawk is cut off by Y/n screaming.
"I-IT TALKS! MELIODAS! HELP!" Y/n yells. Y/n wraps herself around my leg, and avoids Hawk. "It's okay, it's just Hawk." I say, patting her head. "B-but Meliodas...it talks, it is highly abnormal for a pig to talk." she squeals nervously. "Hawk doesn't bite..." I say. "Good. Then can I eat it? It wouldn't even mind,right? Just one little bite?" Y/n hungrily pleads. "No! If you even try to my momma will get you!" Hawk shouts. " Sorry little piggy-Hawk. "Y/n apologizes. "Well who are we finding next?" I ask the group. "Sir King is next. But isn't he dead?" Elizabeth asks. Y/n freezes at the mention of King.

Your POV-
You freeze at the mention of your brother Harlequin, know by the others as King. Then you fall asleep on your chastiefol, excited to see your brother again.

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