Girl Meets See You Later

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"Leaving?" Riley asked "What do you mean leaving?"

"I mean," Lilith hesitated "My parents want me to start working in film. They're moving me to Los Angles."

"No!" Riley cried "You can't go! We've only just become friends!"

"I'll keep in touch. See you later." Lilith slammed her locker door shut and walked away leaving Riley to walk to class on her own.

Maya was already in history when Riley walked in. Lilith was nowhere to be found. She sat down next to Maya and stared straight ahead.

"Riles-" Maya tried to speak.

"No. I'm not talking to you." Riley said.

"Natalie Wood." Mr. Matthews said "Who knows who she was?"

Ava, Farkle, and Charlie raised their hands.

"Farkle." Mr. Matthews called on the boy "Tell me stuff."

Farkle stood up "Natalie Wood was a movie star. She was really famous and started acting when she was really young because of her mother."

"Tell us about her mother Farkle." Mr. Matthews said.

"She was very controlling and wanted Natalie to succeed. She believed her daughter would be famous because a gypsy told her that her second daughter would be a great beauty and be famous." Farkle frowned "But the gypsy also warned that she had to beware of dark water. So when her mother told Natalie about the prophecy she became very afraid of the water. Which as odd as it seems was not an irrational fear for Natalie Wood."

Smakle stood up "When she was young and filming a movie a bridge collapsed under her plunging her into the water below and she broke her wrist. It went untreated and there was a bump on her wrist for the rest of her life."

"That's true Smakle but it's not the only reason it was a real fear for her." Farkle said.

"What happened to her?" Riley asked nervously.

"She died." Maya rolled her eyes.

"That's right Miss Hart." Mr. Matthews looked hard at her.

"What? I was joking!" Maya gasped.

"She drowned on her yacht 'The Splendor' her husband and their friend survived." Mr. Matthews told the class.

"So the boat sank?" Riley asked.

"No. Natalie Wood drowned and no one knows quite how." Mr. Matthews said.

"Then why are you telling us this?" Maya asked, frustrated.

"Because the last thing that happened to her, that we know of, is that she had an argument with her husband." Mr. Matthews explained "If you were never to see someone you loved or cared about ever again would you want your last words to be hateful and mean?"

Maya looked away as Mr. Matthews and Riley stared at her "Why are you looking at me?" She asked.

"Lilith's leaving." Riley finally said with a sigh.

"What?" Maya asked, shocked.

"Her parents want her to get into the movies. So they're moving to Los Angles." Riley explained.

"Well who knows," Farkle said with a sigh "She might be the next Natalie Wood."

"But she died!" Maya exclaimed.

"Yeah, she also suffered from severe anxiety and depression. Because she never really knew herself. She also went through a few failed marriages because she couldn't be sure her husbands loved her for her or for the image she presented. Lilith felt that way with Josh for a while until he started to make her feel truly loved. Now she might never trust a man again. All because we told her that we saw Josh kissing another girl." Farkle sighed and glared at Maya.

"I- I didn't know! I wouldn't have told her if I did." Maya tried to defend herself.

"I don't know, Maya." Riley said "You wanted Uncle Josh for yourself and now Lilith's broken up with him. I can't help but wonder if you wanted something like this to happen."

"But I didn't!" Maya paused "Okay maybe a little. But I don't want her to leave!"

"It may not have been what you wanted, Maya, but it's what's happening." Mr. Matthews said "I can't do anything about it. Neither can you."

"No!" Maya stood up and walked out. Riley stayed still for a moment then raised her hand.

"Go." Her father waved her away. Riley stood up and followed Maya out the door.

Outside the school Lilith was getting in her car. Her driver, Charles waiting for her.

Maya came bursting out of the big front doors "Lilith!" She called. But Lilith didn't turn around. Instead she got in the big black car and shut the door firmly behind her.

Maya tried to run to catch up to the car but she wasn't fast enough and Lilith's car left the parking lot. Maya fell to her knees as Riley came up behind her.


"I was to late." Maya started to feel tears prick her eyes but wiped them away quickly, not wanting to appear weak "I was to late."

"I'm so sorry Maya." Riley hugged her friend "I'm so so sorry."

"I'm fine." Maya pulled away " Let's go back to class." And she stood up and walked back into the school. Riley followed behind her.

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