Girl Meets Friends?

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Topanga walked confidently into the main office of her daughter's school. She knew she couldn't stop the suspension but, she would do everything in her power to get it off her child's permanent record.

"I'm here to see Mr. Jackson." She told the secretary who motioned her into the office.

"Ah, Mrs. Matthews," Mr. Jackson clasped his hands "We've been expecting you."

"We?" Topanga asked.

A tall female in a black, high necked, form fitting dress stood up and stuck out a hand "Yes, we. I'm Lilith Pane's lawyer. My name is Torrey James. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You're Torrey James?" Topanga was astounded.

Torrey James was the top lawyer in the world. She had handled everything from murder cases to divorces. She was famous for never losing a case.

"The one and only." Torrey smirked "Now, down to business. What do you want from us?"

"" Topanga stuttered "I know you won't lift her suspension but I ask that it is not going on her permanent record."

"What would you be willing to give in exchange?" Torrey asked.

"Exchange?" Confusion flashed in Topanga's eyes "What do you mean?"

"I mean, will you be willing to do everything in your power to keep your daughter away from Miss Pane?" Torrey explained.

"I would. But it will be difficult, Riley is persistent." Topanga worried.

"Try." Torrey told her "Do your best. If you fail stricter measures will be taken."

"Deal. In return this suspension will not go on Riley's permanent record." Topanga agreed.

"That's right." Torrey James smiled. They shook hands and Topanga left.

She stepped out the door and looked at her hand, for a second she squealed and jumped up and down. Until she noticed the secretary staring at her. She smoothed her suit, nodded to the secretary, and walked out of the office, pleased with herself.

Torrey James was still in the office, "Look Mr. Jackson," She said "I want Lilith to be transferred out of her classes with these kids if this persists. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am." Mr. Jackson nodded vigorously "Please tell Miss Pane that my door is always open."

"Naturally." Torrey exited the office and Mr. Jackson sighed and slumped in his chair. This was going to be a long year.

Lilith walked into school that Monday morning and was immediately accosted by Lucas, Zay, and Farkle.

"Hey." Lucas waved slightly.

"Hey." Lilith smiled tightly at them "What's going on?"

"We wanted to apologize for Riley and Maya." Farkle said "What they did was wrong and if we knew about it we never would have let it happen."

"It's not your guy's fault. I don't blame you at all." Lilith said "And, while I thank you for the apology, I don't need one from you. I don't even need one from Riley or Maya. I just need them to leave my secrets alone."

"We'll talk to them about it if you want us to." Zay told her.

"No, thank you. My lawyer has been in touch and if they keep this up," Lilith paused "I'll have no choice but to get a restraining order."

"Isn't that a little extreme?" Lucas asked.

"Sure. But I don't feel safe around them, or with them trying to find out about my past." Lilith explained "It's damaging my mental health and giving me severe anxiety. I need to do what will make me well. Please, tell me you understand that."

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