Girl Meets Lilith's Secret

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Lilith sat in the backseat of her family's limousine, driving to the airport. When she arrived she hopped out and called a thank you to Charles, her driver, grabbed her small bag, and strode towards the revolving door to enter. She went through security alone, the guards knew her well enough to know that she could handle herself. Finally she reached her gate, outside was her family plane, in front of the gate stood her parents.

"There you are! What took you so long, Lily?" Her mother, Laura asked.

As Lilith opened her mouth she was interrupted by her father "Never mind, you're here now. Quick get on the plane. Now!"

Lilith rushed onto the plane, keeping her cool and she settled in, plugging in her headphones, for the six hour flight.

Hours later the plane landed and Lilith stepped out onto the landing, pulling her red coat tighter around herself, pushing her large white jeweled sunglasses up her nose, and tugging her large sun hat down over her head. She could already see the paparazzi mob surging towards her, great.

The girl politely posed for a few photos then excused herself. Her parents had taken the backway out, leaving her to deal with the mob alone. Thankfully, she had a lot of experience handling them. Finally she made it inside and hurried to the VIP lane. Her security guards met up with her in the limousine and they drove her to the shoot. Her parents had taken a seperate car and were already there.

"Aha! There's the star!" Her manager called.

"Don't even say it Leo. You knew I was coming tomorrow. Why did I have to come right now?" Lilith rolled her eyes.

"Well, Lily-" Leo Jefferson, top manager in the modeling business began.

She cut him off "You know what? I don't really care. I'm here now and there's no going back to school this week so let's just get on with it." Lilith brushed past him into the makeup chair.

That's right, Lilith Pane was a model. She was in high demand and very popular, especially with the boys who loved the ebony haired model. She had a dozen contracts with different companies who wanted her to model for them. Her parents had put her up in the business when she was three years old. People loved how she could be smiling and happy one minute and dark and mysterious the next.

Currently her shoot was for "Top Teen Model" which she had won twice already. She posed in a million different outfits and at least a hundred swimsuits. The first shoot lasted six hours and she was thoroughly exhausted by the end. But her parents were happy, so that meant she could actually sleep instead of hearing them scream at her all night.

She slept like a rock that first night and when she woke up and got ready for the day of her second shoot and the interview she acted all bright eyed and bushy tailed. In reality she was frustrated and not feeling her best.

She got to the shoot early, her parents still at the hotel, asleep, she got her makeup done, her hair fixed, and posed for a few more photos before lunch. She didn't get to eat that day though. Her parents had arrived and insisted that she be the first to be interviewed. The interview lasted all lunch and afterwards she had to go straight back to the shoot.

This lasted a whole long week. By the end she was so tired she could barely stand but Lilith was determined not to miss any more school than she had to.

She strolled into the hallway and was instantly accosted by Riley and her friends.

"Where did you go?"

"How was LA?"

"Are you leaving again? I hope not!"

"Why exactly do you care?" Lilith asked, confused "I barely know you!"

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