Girl Meets Fight

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Lilith was at home in her room. She was freaking out. She had told Farkle, Lucas, and Zay her secret! Why was she so stupid? They were just going to go back to Riley and Maya and tell them everything. Then the Golden group would tell everyone. She cursed quietly. Why was she so stupid?

Lucas, Farkle, and Zay were at Topanga's bakery. They were doing research on Lilith. Just to see what kind of work she did. Their mouths were hanging open as they stared at the sexy girl on the computer screen. This was Lilith? She was gorgeous but they hadn't know she was this beautiful.

Riley and Maya were at the bay window.

"So, Peaches?" Riley asked cautiously.

"Yes Riles?"

"Why were you so mean to Lilith at lunch?" Riley asked innocently.

"I don't know what you mean. I was just questioning her about her work." Maya shrugged.

"Maya, I think we need to be nice to her if we want to learn her secret."

"We know her secret!" Maya stood up "She's actually Lillian Pain, world famous model. She just needs to admit it."

"Yeah I know, but," Riley started "I think we need to gain her trust and be nice to her so she can tell us. And so Lucas, Farkle, and Zay won't be mad at us anymore."

"Why? They don't believe us. They're our friends, they should always believe us. Why should we care?" Maya asked angrily.

"Because they're our friends!"

"No, they're not." Maya shouted.

"Girls!" Topanga burst into the room "What is going on up here?"

"Maya was mean to Lilith at lunch!" Riley yelled.

"Riley says that Lucas, Farkle, and Zay are still our friends!" Maya screamed at the same time.

"One at a time!" Topanga screeched "Riley you start. Lilith ate lunch with you all?"

"Yes. I tried to be nice and invited her to eat with us." Riley smiled.

"She said she would do it if you let her alone." Maya finished.

"Riley." Topanga groaned "Why do you do this to me?"

"I don't know what you mean." Riley lied.

"Maya you next." Topanga turned to the blonde.

"I asked Lillian-"

"Lilith!" Riley interrupted.

"Whatever!" Maya fumed "I asked Lilith how the modeling business was and she said she didn't have to deal with me asking questions about stuff, so she left. The boys went after her and when we found them they told us they didn't want to hang out with us as much."

"Girls..." Topanga buried her head in her hands "This is why I told you to leave Lilith alone. Riley, I don't want you to talk to or about her ever again. Please do as I say." She turned to Maya "Maya, be nice to Lilith if you ever come into contact with her again. Do you girls understand me?"

"Yes." They grumbled.

"Good." Topanga stood up and walked to the door before turning around "And Maya, your mom called. She wants you home before dinner."

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