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Lilith was sitting at the bay window with Riley and Maya.

"This is a very special place to us, Lilith." Riley said.

"You stole him." Maya growled.

"Like I said," Riley gave Maya a look "This is a very special place to us. We don't fight here."

"Oh we're gonna fight!" Maya stood up "You stole my boyfriend."

"Maya!" Riley frowned "He's not your boyfriend."

"Can I say something?" Lilith asked nervously.

"No!" Maya shouted.

"Too bad. Saying it anyway." Lilith stood up too "I didn't know you liked Josh. If I had I never would have said yes to a date with him. But I did. And I think I do like him, maybe not romantically, but definitely as a friend. Can I see where this goes before I decide? Please? I don't want to lose you guys as friends, but if you won't let me live my life the way I want to and let me try new things I don't know if I can be a part of your group. I want you to know we can always be friends and I will always care about you. But I'm going to live life my way. So what do you say? Can I go on at least one date with Josh?"

Riley and Maya stood there with their mouths open, Lilith standing in front of them waiting for a reply.

"Okay." Maya grumbled at last "I guess. But don't expect me to be happy about it."

"Thank you Maya." Lilith hugged the blonde "Now, I'd better go get ready for my date! Wish me luck!" And she crawled out the window. Riley and Maya watched her as she made her way to the ground then strolled around the corner and out of sight.

"That was very mature of you Maya." Riley squealed and squeezed her bast friend.

"Ugh! Can't breath Riles!" Maya groaned and Riley let her go "Thanks, I'm not happy about it but I guess I'll let her have her date."

"Yayyyyy!" Riley celebrated by doing a little happy dance.

Lilith's room

So Lilith didn't really have a room. She had the top floor of her family's building. Yeah, some people had houses, the Pane's had a enormous building. The only good thing was that her parents never came up there.

She was as getting ready for her date with Josh. She was thrilled that such a sweet, not to mention cute, boy had asked her out. She was stressed though.

Maybe Josh had just asked her out because she was a model and for no other reason. That was a great fear of hers. That people would only like her because of her fame and not for herself. So she tried to make herself someone people would like. It seemed to work well in the business. Maybe not always in life.

She put on black leggings, a jean shirt, and cute boots. Next she curled her hair, painted her nails, and did her makeup. Finally she put on round gold earrings and a golden bracelet. She was ready.

She walked to Topanga's bakery to meet Josh

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She walked to Topanga's bakery to meet Josh. When she got there and opened the door the first, and only, person she saw was the handsome boy who had asked her out.

"Hi Josh." She greeted him as he stood up and pulled out a chair for her to sit in "How're you doing?"

"I'm great. How about you?" Josh grinned goofily.

"I'm good." She paused then laughed nervously "So I don't know very much about you except that you're Mr. Matthews's brother, Maya's in love with you, and you're really cute and sweet. So tell me about yourself. I want to get to know you."

"I want to get to know you too. You seem wonderful and I already really like you." Josh smiled.

"How about we play 20 questions and learn about each other a little?" Lilith asked.

"Sounds good. You wanna start?"

"No you start." Lilith smiled back.

"Okay. Question one. What's your favorite color?"

"Blue, purple, or red. I can't pick." It was her turn "Let's see, favorite TV show?"

"I like superhero shows. Like the Flash or Arrow. You know them?" Josh asked.

"Know them? I love the shows and the comics! They're so cool." Lilith giggled, she really did like the stories of superheroes.

"Okay favorite song?"

It went on like this for several minutes before they reached 20 questions.

For Josh's last question he asked "So, don't hate me or anything, but I've heard you're a model. How'd you get into that?"

"My parents. They got me into it really young." Lilith sighed "My turn. What is your favorite board game?"

"I like the Family Game. I'm always the host when we play at Cory and Topanga's." Josh said.

"Cool. wanna get out of here and go see a movie?" Lilith asked.

"Sure, lets go."

They saw a movie and ate all the popcorn they could eat. When it was over they walked around Central Park for a while before sitting down on a bench next to the lake.

"I had a great time with you today." Josh smiled down at her "And I really, really like you."

"I had a great time too. And I like you too." Lilith smiled back.

"So..." Josh paused "Would you consider being my girlfriend?"

"Hmm," Lilith hummed "Let me think about- Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend."

Josh leaned down to whisper in her ear "I would really like to kiss you now."

Lilith's eyes locked with his "I would like that." She breathed.

Josh leaned towards her and gently brushed his lips across hers then pulled back. Their eyes opened slowly and met, both sparkling with excitement and hope.

Lilith smiled and kissed her boyfriend again, smiling into the kisses. She was truly loved. And she truly had a chance to love someone. She sighed as Josh's hand wove its way into her hair. Everything was perfect. At least for the moment.

Word count: 1013 words

I really hope you like it. I'm sorry if the date sucks. I've never been on one so I don't know how to write one. Sorry! Enjoy and don't forget to comment, vote, and add to your reading lists!!!
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