Girl Meets Privacy

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Lilith showed up to school the next day with a small frown and a crinkle between her eyebrows. When Riley tried to ask her what was wrong she shook her head and said everything was fine just that she was going to be gone for a week and was frustrated. Riley tried to ask why but before she could Lilith walked away and joined Darby, Yogi, Sarah, and their friends.

Riley frowned, why was Lilith hanging out with them and not her and her friends? Riley shook off her scowl. Lilith could do whatever she wanted she reminded herself. As she made her way to her locker she ran into Maya.

"Peaches!" She exclaimed "How are you this lovely, lovely day?"

But Maya's eyes were following the retreating figure of Lilith with the popular crowd "What is she doing with them?" She growled.

"Maya! Lilith can hang out with whoever she wants." Riley tried to convince herself too.

"So, what? She doesn't want to hang out with us?" Maya asked.

"Who doesn't want to hang out with us?" Farkle asked as he walked up.

"Lilith Pane." Maya grumbled "She's hanging out with the popular crowd. Not us."

"She's going to be out of school for a week." Riley mentioned.

"What?" Maya asked.

"Why?!" Farkle fell to his knees and shook his fists at the sky, or rather, the ceiling.

"Relax Farkle, she'll be back." Riley soothed her friend "I think she's going out of town or something with her parents again."

"Oh, okay then." Farkle stood up, his face slightly pink "Well, I'll see you guys in class." And he walked away.

"So Flower Girl is going out of town? I wonder why. Didn't she say she only traveled with her parents in the summertime?" Maya asked herself as she opened her locker. She gathered her books and binders and headed to math.

Lilith was already in the classroom sitting at a desk next to the wall with her pencil case, binder, and calculator already out on her desk. She saw Maya walk in and internally prayed that the girl wasn't going to sit next to her and question her more. Maya seemed nice, if a bit pushy.

Maya noticed where Lilith was sitting and headed over but before she could get there Darby slid into the seat next to Lilith. Frowning, Maya moved to sit in the middle of the room, not to far forward but not in the very back either.

Throughout the long class Maya continued sneaking looks at Lilith, who was taking notes in her neat, flowery script. Once again every time the teacher asked a question Lilith raised her hand and answered correctly. Maya didn't like it. No one was that good, not even Farkle.

Finally, after what seemed like years, class ended and Lilith stood up and walked out laughing with Darby. Maya followed them at a distance. The next class they had was history and as they took their seats Lilith read the board. It said 'Privacy', she sighed. Riley must have told her father about her desire to keep some things to herself.

"Privacy," Mr. Matthews started class "who can tell me what it means?"

Lucas raised his hand "Privacy is when you leave someone else's business alone and don't try to figure out their personal lives."

"Not quite." Mr. Matthews told him "That is close though. Miss Pane? What do you think privacy is?"

"Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves." Lilith answered sternly.

"Correct! So who knows why it's important? Anyone?"

"Why do we need to keep things private?" Riley asked "I mean, why not let everybody know stuff about yourself?"

"Because," Lilith shot back "Not everyone is proud of themselves and their past like you are."

Riley's mouth fell open.

"Miss Pane is correct again." Mr. Matthews told the class "Riley, the world does not revolve around you. Not everyone is exactly like you. Not everyone had the privilege of growing up like you did."

Suddenly Lilith's phone went off with a chime.

"Miss Pane, no one should be calling you in class." Cory told his student.

"I'm so sorry, it's my mother. May I step outside and take this?" Lilith apologized and Cory nodded, Lilith ran outside and answered her phone. "Mother, what is it? I'm in class!"

"Long story honey, but they need us now. We've sent Charles to come and pick you up."

"Mother, I'm in school! I can't miss my classes!"

"Look they called and said they need you by tonight, so we're flying to LA whether you like it or not." *dial tone*

"Ugh!!!" Lilith exclaimed and spun around to see Mr. Matthews, Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, and Zay standing in the doorway listening to her. "Mr. Matthews I have to leave. Can I email you for the assignment?" She growled.

"Of course Miss Pane." Cory told her "Let me write you a note."

"Where are you going?" Riley asked.

"Los Angles, apparently." Lilith groaned.

"What? Why?" Maya asked.

"My parent's work. Look I'm just gonna grab my stuff and be on my way." Lilith slid past the group into the classroom.

"Why are her parents taking her to Los Angles with them?" Lucas asked.

"I don't know... but I'm going to find out." Riley announced.

"Riley," Cory scolded "it's not your business. Give Lilith her privacy."

"Privacy? What we were talking about in class? Why? We want to be her friend. She should be able to tell us everything, and if she won't we should find it out ourselves." Riley was decided.

"Lilith wants to keep her school life and her home life separate. Let her do that Riley." Mr. Matthews pleaded with his daughter.

"Yeah!" Came another voice, Yogi stood in the doorway "Leave Lilith alone. She doesn't need to tell you anything."

"But Yogi-" Riley started.

"No. You've gotten away with everything your whole life. She is human, she has secrets, let her be!" Yogi yelled.

Word count: 1013 words
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