Girl Meets Hate

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Lilith was sobbing in the bathroom, her mascara running down her cheeks. Darby was offering her tissues and Sarah was rubbing her back. Suddenly the door swung open and all the girls in the class stormed in.

"He thinks he can get away with making everything about Riley and not make the rest of us mad?" One girl growled "He's wrong."

"And Riley just lets him!" Another scowled "I don't know anything about history and I'm going to fail and it's all his fault for not teaching us anything!"

"How does he expect us to learn when he focuses everything on his daughter?" A third cried.

Darby and Sarah stood up and shushed the crowd of girls, gesturing at the still crying Lilith. Immediately the gaggle of girls shut up and gathered around Lilith.

"Are you okay?" Asked a girl.

"I'm alright." Lilith hiccuped "Thanks Ava."

"You know my name?" Ava asked, surprised.

"I know all of your names." Lilith sighed and wiped her eyes "I learned them on the first day. I wrote them all down so I could remember each of you."

"Wow." The girls were stunned.

"Why?" Ava asked.

"A few reasons, I guess. Partly so I could ask for help if I needed it." Lilith admitted "But also because I know you guys matter and you're important. I wanted to be able to know your names when I talked to you."

"Really?" Ava couldn't believe it "No one has ever done that for us. Riley and Maya barely know we exist. Farkle sometimes talks to Brenda. And Lucas is stuck in his friend's world."

"I'm sure that's not true." Lilith tried to tell them.

"They don't know our names. You do. You took that time. Let's show them that we matter. I have a plan." Ava smirked.

She shared her plan and the rest of the girls gathered Lilith in a hug before making their way outside to meet up with the boys and fill them in on the plan.

The group walked back into the classroom. Mr. Matthews was waiting for them. The golden group was still sitting in their seats.

"You guys can't just walk out of here." Cory scolded his students "I'm your teacher, you need to respect me."

"Do you respect us?" Ava asked.

"Of course I do!" Mr. Matthews was surprised.

"No you don't." Lilith spoke quietly "If you did you would have made your daughter respect my privacy."

"But- but-" Cory spluttered.

"And she and her friends don't respect their fellow students either. It's not just me." Lilith's voice got stronger.

"That's not true!" Riley protested.

"Oh yeah?" Ava asked "Then what's my name?"

Riley froze. She couldn't think of her classmates' name. What was it? It was on the tip of her tongue.

"Claire!" She exclaimed "Your name is Claire." She said pleased with herself.

She was met with raised eyebrows and a few glares.

"Ava." Lilith said "Her name is Ava."

"Oh." Riley deflated.

"Can you name anyone outside your friend group?" Ava asked.

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