Girl Meets Apology

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Topanga stood in the doorway, hands on hips "Hi girls."

Riley and Maya both pointed, gasped, and said "Amazon warrior!"

Riley stood up "Mommy we need your help."

"With what?" Topanga asked.

"There's a girl in our class who doesn't like us." Maya explained calmly.

"Oh really?" Topanga asked "Why wouldn't she like you? Everyone likes you."

Farkle stuck his head in the window "Ladies. Lawyer lady."

"Hi Farkle." Topanga said " Do you know who this girl is and why she doesn't like you guys?"

"It's easy. Her name is Lilith Pane, she's gorgeous and smart. She knows everyone in class' names. But she has a secret. Riley really wants to know what it is and she won't respect her privacy. Lilith got upset and started crying. Then the rest of the class walked out of Mr. Matthews lesson. When they came back Lilith named everyone in the class. None of us could do that."

"Wow." Topanga said "Ok. That's pretty good!"

"But she doesn't hate us Riley," Farkle told his friend "She told you she doesn't hate you she just said she thinks you don't know when to stop."

"What does that mean Riley?" Her mother asked.

"Well," Maya began "Riley really wants to know Lilith's secret and Lilith doesn't want anyone to know."

"So what happened?" Topanga questioned.

"Lilith has a breakdown and started crying when Riley tried to find out her secret. Then Sarah, Yogi, And Darby took her to the bathroom and the rest of the class got mad at Mr. Matthews and walked out. Then you know what happened when they came back." Farkle explained.

Topanga sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Riley-"

"I know. I need to make her understand that we just want to be her friends and she can share anything with us." Riley smiled.

"No. Riley. This is... do you not know who this is?" Topanga asked.

"It's Lilith Pane. The mysterious new girl who we want to be friends with."

"You really don't know who this girl is, do you?" Topanga noted "Look, I'm not going to out her. But I have an idea of what her secret is."

"What is it?!" Riley asked excitedly.

"Riley, I'm not telling you. It's her business."

"No nice. Go for the kill." Riley demanded.

"Riley!" Topanga yelled "That's enough. I thought we taught you to respect others and their privacy. Didn't we learn that secrets are our own with Lucas?"

Riley was shocked. Maya was shocked. Farkle just sighed. Topanga stood up and left to speak to her husband. He was in trouble.

Lilith walked into school the next day half asleep and frustrated. She really hoped that the golden group would leaver her alone, she really wasn't in the mood to deal with them today. Instead she found Sarah, Darby, and Yogi.

"Hey guys. How are you?" She greeted.

"Pretty good." Yogi and Darby answered.

"Crappy." Sarah, obviously sick, groaned.

"I'm sorry. You want some ibuprofen? We can take you to the nurse. It might help." Lilith offered.

"No, I had some medicine this morning." Sarah forced a weak smile "I'll be fine. You look cute by the way."

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