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It had been a week since Maya accepted Lilith and the friend group reunited. Maya was working on understanding her jealousy problem, Lilith was still working as a model (unwillingly), and Riley was happy that everyone was friends again. Lilith had to go for a shoot for two days and had been gone for a day already.

"When is Lilith coming back?" Yogi asked the golden group that morning.

"She should be back at school tomorrow." Farkle told the short boy "I'm glad we figured everything out and we're all friends now."

"Me too." Yogi leaned in to the group "But I warn you, if you hurt her in any way, you will regret it."

"Okay! Okay, we won't hurt her!" Farkle was surprised at the ferocity of the small boy.

"Good." Yogi huffed and walked into the classroom.

"Yikes!" Riley and Maya exchanged looks. Then the golden group walked through the classroom doorway. Inside, leaning back in the teacher's chair was Riley's Uncle Josh.

"Boing!" Maya squeaked and pointed at the handsome sophomore college student.

"Hi Maya." Josh gave a little nod "Riley, Dr. Turtleneck, Cowboy. How're you doing?"

"Uncle Josh!" Riley gave her Uncle a hug "What're you doing here?"

"Teacher helper for the semester. I asked specifically for Cory's class." Josh smiled and hugged his niece back.

"Yayyyyyy!" Maya squealed.

"Okay class," Mr. Matthews started the lesson "Take your seats." Everyone sat. "Now everyone welcome Josh. My brotha!"

"My brotha!" Josh replied.

"He's going to be my teacher assistant for a semester. Please show him the same respect you give me." Cory continued.

"Please, we can do better than that!" Maya told their teacher.

"Now go around the room and introduce yourselves to Josh...wait! Where's Lilith?" Cory ignored Maya's comment.

"She's at a shoot." Riley told her father "She'll be back tomorrow."

"Who's Lilith?" Josh asked.

"Our new friend." Lucas smiled.

"Oh? What's she like?" Josh asked.

"She's gorgeous!" Called out a boy in the back of the room.

"And smart." Ava chimed in.


"Okay I get it! She's cool?" Josh laughed.

"The coolest." Farkle sighed.

Maya turned around to face him.

"I mean second coolest?" Farkle questioned and Maya nodded.

Josh laughed "Well then, I can't wait to meet her."

And meet her he did.

The next day

Lilith stumbled through the halls in a sleep-deprived haze. She murmured apologies as she bumped into people. Suddenly Riley and Maya were beside her.

"Good morning Lilith!" Riley bounced on the balls of her feet.

"'Sup." Maya smiled.

Lilith rubbed her temples "Not so loud please." She whispered.

Riley and Maya exchanged a look before asking in unison "What's wrong with you?"

"Tired. Party last night. Went until 5 this morning. So so sleepy." Lilith mumbled and tried to walk into the classroom but instead walked smack dab into the lockers next to the door "Ow." She mumbled then righted herself and walked into the classroom.

"Went until 5?" Riley questioned, shocked.

Maya shrugged and they followed the tired girl into class. Inside, Lilith was already sleeping peacefully on her desk a chair was on the floor as well as several binders. Everyone was staring at Lilith with surprise. She was always so diligent that to see her asleep in class was insane.

Josh straightened up from righting the chair "I assume that's Lilith?" He asked.

"Yeah, that's her." Lucas said "But what's wrong with her?"

"Shh!" Maya shushed the rodeo star "She was at a party last night after her shoot and it went until five o'clock in the morning."

"What?" Josh shouted, causing Lilith to grumble and bury her head deeper into her arms.

"Shh!" Riley and Maya hissed together.

"Sorry," Josh winced "What?" He whispered.

"She's a model. Lillian Pain. Her parents make her go to all these late events and do photo shoots and modeling gigs." Riley explained to her uncle before pausing "It went until 5?" She asked.

"Yes darling." Maya nodded.


"Shhh!" The class shushed her.


"Good morning class." Mr. Matthews walked into the room "How is everyone-why is Lilith asleep?"

"Late night party apparently." Josh sighed.

"Well wake her up!" Cory said.

"Why me?" Josh asked.

"Because I'm older and the boss of you." Cory retorted.

"Okay." And Josh gently shook Lilith's shoulder "Wakey-wakey eggs and bakey!"

Lilith jolted up and slapped the older boy in the face "Ahhh!" She shrieked "Who-? What-? Where-?"

"Josh." Riley introduced.

"Ow!" Josh complained.

"School." Maya rolled her eyes "Welcome back to the world of the wakeful Flower Girl."

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Lilith apologized quickly to the handsome boy in front of her "Just, you know, a random person leaning over you. Not usually a good thing."

"It's okay." Josh smiled, she really was beautiful "You must be Lilith. I'm Josh, Cory's brother and your new teacher assistant."

"Nice to meet you Josh." Lilith smiled tiredly and yawned "Sorry I'm so tired."

"That's alright" josh grinned "I heard about the late night party."

"Oh gosh!" Lilith hid her face in her hands "It was horrible! And it'll be all over the tabloids so everyone will see it!"

"That sounds rough. Maybe you can tell me more about yourself sometime?" Josh asked shyly.

Maya frowned.

"I'd love to." Lilith's smile sparkled "Does tomorrow at 4 work for you?"

"Sure, Topanga's cafe?" Josh asked.


"Cool!" Josh turned around to see Maya fuming and red faced. Slightly frightened he made his way to the front of the room and took his brother's chair behind the desk. Still he was pleased with himself. He'd gotten a date with a beautiful, smart girl.

Maya was furious. Okay, so she'd never told Lilith about her thing for Josh, but still! Maya was in love with him. She spent the rest of the lesson glaring at the back of Lilith's head and trying to burn the perfect girl's perfect hair off her head.

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