Girl Meets the Truth

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At the Matthews Family dinner table

"How was your day, Riley?" Cory asked his daughter who was slumped in her seat and clearly upset.

"Terrible." Riley sighed "Why didn't you tell me junior year would be so awful?"

"Pretty sure I did." Her father laughed "What happened honey? You wanna talk about it?"

"Lucas, Farkle, and Zay are mad at Maya and I because I got Lilith to sit with us at lunch But Maya was mean to her. Then they said that we might not be the kind of people they want to be friends with. Now Maya is mad at me because I disagreed with her about how she should treat Lilith. Maya is also convinced that Lilith is actually Lillian Pain And she won't give up on it." Riley said all this in one breath and when she finished she gasped for air before putting her head down on the table with a thump.

After a moment of looking at his daughter then his wife then his daughter again, Cory said "Wow."

"Yep." Topanga replied "What've you got to say to that?"

"Um... okay, I'm starting at the beginning. Riley, you said Lilith ate lunch with you? How'd that happen?"

Riley sat up "I talked to her and invited her to eat with us. She said 'If I say yes will you leave me alone?' And I said yes so she said yes."

"We told you to stay away from her honey." Cory frowned.

"I know," Riley hung her head "I just didn't want her to hate me."

"She told you she didn't. So next thing. Maya was mean to her?" Cory moved on.

"Yeah, she just said stuff like 'How's work?' And called her Lillian." Riley explained.

Cory rolled his eyes "And then?"

"Lilith stood up and left. The boys followed her and after a little while Maya and I followed them. When we found them they were all coming out of the janitors closet and Lucas, Farkle, and Zay all said that we might not be the kind of people they should be friends with." Riley finished her story by slumping back down on the table and sighing.

"Yikes!" Her father raised his eyebrows.

"Yup." Topanga smiled "What are you gonna do about that?"

"I don't know...yet."

School the next day

"Hi Lilith!" Riley bounced up to the ebony haired beauty "How are you today?"

Lilith slammed her locker door and turned to walk away. But Riley grabbed her shoulder to stop her.

"Let go of me." Lilith said quietly.

"Please, I just want to apologize for everything that happened yesterday." Riley begged.

Lilith paused then nodded.

"Thank you!" Riley jumped up and down clapping her hands "Okay, so, I'm sorry for what Maya said to you. She shouldn't have and I should have tried harder to stop her. And I'm very, very sorry."

"Thank you for the apology Riley." Lilith turned and walked away.

"Does that mean you're eating with us again?" Riley called after her, but Lilith didn't look back.

Maya walked up behind her best friend and watched the retreating figure of Lilith walk away.

"Hey Riles." She muttered "Look I'm sorry for what I said to you yesterday and for walking out like that. It wasn't okay."

"Aww Peaches!" Riley exclaimed, turning to hug her friend "I'm sorry too!"

The two hugged before maya pulled away and said "So what are we going to do about the boys?"

Riley shrugged "I don't know. But I'm not to worried. Dad will have a plan."

"I trust you Riley. You know that, right?" Maya asked and the brunette nodded "Good." The two slung their arms around each other's necks and walked to class.

Lilith was in music again they practiced their song "A New World" then the teacher gave her and another girl, Janet, a duet to work on. "Some Things are Meant to be" from the musical Little Women.

Lilith: (spoken)
When you were first born, not an hour old, I told Marmee...

Janet: (spoken)
Beth is mine!

Lilith: (spoken)
Everyone has someone special in the world, and I have you;
my sweet Beth. Give me a task to do.

Let's pretend we're riding on a kite. Let's imagine we're flying through the air!

We'll ascend until we're out of sight. Light as paper, we'll soar!

Let's be wild, up high above the sand, feel the wind, the world at our command.
Let's enjoy the view, and never land.

Floating far from the shore.

Some things are meant to be, the clouds moving fast and free.

The sun on a silver sea.

A sky that's bright and blue.

And some things will never end.

The thrill of our magic ride.

The love that I feel inside for you.

We'll climb high beyond the break of day.

Sleep on stardust, and dine on bits of moon

You and I will find the Milky Way. We'll be mad, and explore.
We'll recline a loft upon the breeze.
Dart about sail on wit with ease.
Pass the days doing only as we please, that's what living is for.

We'll be mad, and explore. We'll recline a loft upon the breeze.
Dart about sail on wit with ease.
Pass the days doing only as we please, that's what living is for.
Some things are meant to be, the tide turning endlessly,
the way it takes hold of me, no matter what I do,
and some things will never die, the promise of who you are,
the memories when I am far from you.
All my life, I've lived for loving you; let me go now.

They finished the song only to realize the whole class was staring at them in awe.

"Nothing to see here folks!" Lilith said and waved them away.

"That was great!" Janet exclaimed when everyone had looked away "You're really good!"

"Thanks, you are too!" Lilith replied with a smile.

Word count: 1012 words
Hey everybody! Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Etc. I really hope you like the story. I hope you like the songs too. I'm a huge musical theatre nerd. Maybe some of you are too! Have a wonderful last month of the year!
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