Girl Meets Lunch

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Lilith sat down with Lucas, Farkle, and Zay, Riley and Maya weren't there yet.

"Hey guys." She greeted.

"Hey?" Lucas questioned "Why are you sitting here? Riley will be here soon."

"Yeah, I know. The only way I could get her to leave me alone was I agreed to eat lunch with you all." Seeing their worried faces she assured them "Don't worry. I told her if she so much as breathes about secrets I'm out."

"Good." Zay sighed "We'll try to keep her in line too."

"I appreciate that, thanks." Lilith grinned at her new friends.

Riley was in the lunch line with Maya when she noticed that Lilith was already seated at their table and was talking to the boys. She smiled inside. Her plan to be Lilith's friend and find out her secret was in motion. She and Maya got their lunches and walked over to the table.

"Hey losers." Maya greeted as she slammed her tray down on the table "What are you doing here, Flower Girl?"

"Riley invited me." Lilith answered coolly.

"Really?" Maya arched an eyebrow "Riles?"

"Yep! So we can bury the hatchet and be friends." Riley smiled sweetly.

Lilith smiled back but frowned quickly when Maya asked "So Lillian, what's the news?"

"It's Lilith. And I don't know what news you're talking about." Lilith glared.

"Oh, you know. The modeling world is pretty big. How's work going?" Maya sneered.

"I don't have to hear this. I've told you I'm not a model." Lilith stood up, grabbed her lunch, and walked away.

"Maya!" Riley admonished.

"What?" Maya protested "You know she's a model. She just has to admit it."

"Maya stop." Lucas stood up "That's enough. Leave Lilith alone. She has secrets, so do I, so do Farkle and Zay."

"But-!" Maya began but was quickly cut off by Farkle.

"He's right Maya. Leave her alone." The boys all stood up and followed Lilith out of the cafeteria.

"Lilith!" Lucas called "Where'd you go?"

They heard sniffles from the janitors closet "Go away!" Called Lilith from inside "I don't wanna talk to anyone right now."

"Lilith," Farkle leaned his forehead on the door "please open up. We're sorry about Riley. Please, talk to us."

The door flew open and Lilith stood before them, tears streaming down her face. "You want me to talk to you? Well how am I supposed to know if I can trust you? If I tell you my secret how do I know you won't run off and tell Riley and Maya in a heartbeat? How do I know?"

"You don't!" Lucas interrupted "You can only take our word for it. We won't tell anyone if you tell us. We promise."

Lilith stared at the three boys who all nodded vigorously. She sighed and beckoned them inside the closet. They looked at each other then back at her and followed the girl into the small room. Once they were all inside Lilith leaned against the wall for a moment. She slid down the wall and sighed, burying her head in her hands.

"It's true." Her voice came out very muffled.

"What?" Farkle asked.

"It's true." She lifted her head "It's all true. I work as a model under the alias of Lillian Pain. My real name is Lilith Pane but no one knows who I really am."

"We want to know who you really are." Zay sat down beside the girl "You can tell us anything."

"My parents got me into the modeling industry when I was very young. I was two or three, I think. It started out with just small ads in magazines but when I got to age eight, people started going crazy. They wanted me in everything from Playboy to Vogue. It was so hard. My parents are famous for their own things. My father owns Allen International, his own company. My mother, Laura Pane is a renowned fashion designer with a million clothing lines. They expect me to be as great as them. How- how? I'm only 17! I can't do everything!" She started hyperventilating and rocking back and forth.

The boys quickly converged on her and held her in a hug telling her to breathe in and out, that they were there for her, and that she was safe. Finally she stopped and sat back, wiping her eyes.

"Thanks," she hiccuped "I'm sorry you had to see that."

"Don't be sorry." Farkle told her "It seems like you had a panic attack or something."

"No, no. It's nothing like that. I just get like that sometimes." Lilith tried to tell them.

"Yeah...okay." Zay chuckled.

"Look," Lilith brushed her hair out of her eyes "you can't tell anyone this. You promised you wouldn't. Please keep that promise."

"Hey, hey, we said you could trust us and we meant it. We will keep your secret." Lucas soothes his new friend.

"Okay...okay. I trust you guys. I-I trust you guys." Lilith repeated.

"Come on," Farkle pulled the girl to her feet "let's go finish lunch." The group opened the door to find Riley and Maya walking down the hall towards them.

"Where'd you guys go?" Riley asked.

"We went to go comfort Lilith. After you two upset her." Farkle told the girls.

"What you did wasn't okay, guys. And until you can figure that out, I'm not sure we wanna hang out with you so much." Zay said.

"No." Lilith placed a hand on his arm "Don't ruin your guy's friendships for me. Please."

"We're not doing this for you Lilith. We're doing this because they don't understand respect and privacy." Lucas frowned "And until they do, they're not the kind of people we should hang around with."

The boys walked off with Lilith in tow, looking back briefly with an apology shimmering in her eyes.

Riley turned to her best friend "Maya, what just happened?"

"They left us Riles. People always leave."

Word count: 999 words

Okay it's a little short but I still hope you like it. I wanted to write Lilith having a panic attack but, despite having them quite often myself, I'm not sure how to write it. Okay now I have to rant. If you are easily triggered by mentions of suicide or depression please don't read it.

So for the past little while I've gotten very depressed and suicidal. I found out that my pharmacy changed their manufacturer for my medicine and it changed some of the fillers in the pills. They flushed out of my system and punched me in the face. I have had several suicidal episodes where I come very close to hurting myself. So if I don't update quickly please forgive me.

Okay rant is pretty much over but here's a last little note. If you are going through a hard time reach out and get help. I'm available to talk to, but if it's serious, please, call the hotline, 911, or go to a crisis center or the ER! You are not ever going to bother me. If you just need to rant or chat message me. Please.
Love you always,
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