beautiful soul!「 MAYA HART 」 by wcndamaximoff
beautiful soul!「 MAYA HART 」by anne
in which lucas's adoptive sister falls for maya hart and her amazing art skills. ( GIRL MEETS WORLD ) ( SEASON ONE ) ( MAYA HART ) ( RANKED # 2 IN MAYA HART ) ( RANKED #...
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infidelity | maya + farkle by mayaisms
infidelity | maya + farkleby liz
"don't worry; i won't tell your girlfriend about that time you said i was a better fuck." "this is why i don't give you compliments anymore." | lower...
  • rileymatthews
  • mayahart
  • lucaya
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You'll Be Mine ➶ Farkle Minkus by minkusfarkle
You'll Be Mine ➶ Farkle Minkusby brittney
New to John Quincy Adams, siblings, Lucas and Brittney Friar, create new friendships with a group of creative individuals who stand out from everyone else. But while hav...
  • fogel
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  • barkle
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Woodlen Mystery by Melanie0800
Woodlen Mysteryby Melanie
Maya Hunter and her father Shawn moved to Woodlen city to start over. When Maya goes to school she can't help but notice one specific boy, Josh Matthews. Josh is a regu...
  • joshmatthews
  • rileymatthews
  • shawnhunter
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Girl Meets The Hunter's Sister by lovefaithgrace
Girl Meets The Hunter's Sisterby alyssa 💗
Amzie Paige Hunter is Shawn and Jack Hunter's little sister. Shawn travels for work and Jack's a successful businessman. Amzie lives with Cory and Topanga, and loves it...
  • gmw
  • rileymatthews
  • farkleminkus
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Girl Meets Sexuality  by Sarahcarp_gmw
Girl Meets Sexuality by ❤️Michi❤️
A class assignment forces the clique six to learn about sexuality. Maya keeps her's a secret, and Riley finds out the truth about herself. A familiar face returns and ca...
  • romance
  • mayahart
  • rilaya
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The bad boy's weakness {Joshaya} by Louistommothebae
The bad boy's weakness {Joshaya}by Dakota
When he looks at me, something ignites. It's like there gasoline in my veins, and he is a spark that just sets me on fire. It's painful thought. He lights me up, and I f...
  • mayahart
  • rowanblanchard
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Hunter, Cori Hunter (Girl Meets World-- Lucas Friar) by Melaninaide
Hunter, Cori Hunter (Girl Meets Taylor
Dear Darling, On October 30th, at 4:20 am you came into our lives and changed it for the better. We don't have much to give it except for a leather jacket, from me, a b...
  • amndlastenburg
  • lucas
  • projectpoc
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Girl Meets Emily•Lucas Friar• by -sweethart
Girl Meets Emily•Lucas Friar•by -sweethart
Emily is Riley's adoptive sister ever since she was two weeks old. What will happen when an certain cowboy comes into her life? Will she meet her biological parents? Fin...
  • shawnhunter
  • girlmeetsworld
  • fanfiction
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Riley's Mistake #Wattys2016 by Jovie2016
Riley's Mistake #Wattys2016by The_Arty_Writer
There are so many Lucaya fanfics so I'm making Riley's fanfic. I normally don't do fanfics, I'm against them for some reason, but I just had a strong opinion on the unfa...
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  • teenpregnancy
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Roommates|Joshaya Fanfic ✔️ by mahe3356
Roommates|Joshaya Fanfic ✔️by MaroonWolf
That's when I immediately regretted it. I regret from sending a letter to this college. Regret even seeing him again in my life. He turned forward, and I regret looking...
  • smarkle
  • maya
  • roommates
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Violet's World||Lucas Friar || Girl Meets World by xsavannah4899x
Violet's World||Lucas Friar || Savannah
Violet Avery has been friends with Maya and Riley for as long as she can remember.Things get a little complicated as she starts high school and meets a certain Lucas Fri...
  • farkle
  • highschool
  • meets
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My song • Girl Meets World by acciomarauders
My song • Girl Meets Worldby valerie
Maya, Riley and Andy are the golden trio. They face the world together. But what happens when new feelings start the stir up between their group of friends? What happens...
  • farkle
  • lucas
  • friar
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Rose, Ebony & Snow || Farkle Minkus by riarkle-5sos
Rose, Ebony & Snow || Farkle Minkusby Jamie
Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow. Neveah Rosenthal and Farkle Minkus claim to have loved each other since the 3rd grade. It's when they act...
  • gmw
  • girlmeetsworld
  • farkleminkus
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Polarize ° lucas friar by effectively
Polarize ° lucas friarby ( becca )
❝My friends and I, we got a lot of problems.❞ [Girl Meets World] [Season 1-2] [Lucas Friar/OC] copyright || 2016 [GIRL MEETS WORLD CHOICE WINNER]
  • ladi
  • rileymatthews
  • riley
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New Girl (Girl Meets World) #wattys2017 by Lucyboo101
New Girl (Girl Meets World) BRoast
They met on the subway. It wasn't that special to her. But then they meet at school, same classes. Maybe they would be friends? But they just can't know her past. She wo...
  • katyhart
  • matthews
  • hunter
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revenge ✔ by sabrinadiaries
revenge ✔by .
Maya Hart has moved back to England two years later after moving because of her traumatising experience from high school. She was bullied, abused and made fun of. Over t...
  • laya
  • wattys2018
  • riarkle
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Two Sides || Lucaya AU by LucayaIs4Ever
Two Sides || Lucaya AUby Dope Pupster
Lucas the good and Texas Lucas. Two sides of Lucas Friar.
  • zay
  • farkleminkus
  • fanfiction
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no homo > rilaya au by -regionalz
no homo > rilaya auby heartbreak kid
mayah02: i kinda really wanna make out with you mayah02: no homo tho - Original story by @louvinglouis. It has been converted to fit the Rilaya ship.
  • zaybabineaux
  • rilayatexts
  • lgbt
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Jasmine Meets the World (#WATTYS2018) by katelyngil
Jasmine Meets the World ( katelyn
Jasmine Matthews is the little sister of Cory Matthews, Eric Matthews, Morgan Matthews,and Joshua Matthews. Instead of living with Amy and Alan, she lives with Cory, Top...
  • bensavage
  • augustmaturo
  • topangamatthews
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