Girl Meets Junior Year

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Riley Matthews was a ray of sunshine and joy. She loved her family and her friends and her life. Her best friend was Maya Penelope Hart, she was in love with Lucas Friar, and she was happy with her life. Riley Matthews didn't want anything to change, it may be her junior year of high school but nothing could go wrong, ever. Her life was pretty great if she did say so herself.

It was the first day of junior year for Riley, Maya, Lucas, Zay, Farkle, and Smackle. They went to their advisor and got their schedules to find that they had almost every class together, per usual. Their first class was taught by Riley's father, History, with Cory Matthews.

They strolled into the classroom, chatting cheerfully, and took their seats, front and center. The bell rang and Mr. Matthews started class.

"Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a great summer and are as excited as I am to be back at school." Cory said. He was met with groans and a couple of grunts.

Suddenly the door swung open to reveal a girl standing in the doorway, her black hair falling to her hips and her wide green eyes framed by long lashes. She was the most beautiful girl the class had ever seen. Even dressed in just jeans and a bright red blouse she looked like a princess.

"Oh hello?" Cory asked hesitantly "Welcome to history. You can call me Mr. Matthews. What's your name?"

"Lilith. Lilith Pane." Her musical voice floated through the room, and at the sound of it Farkle, who had been gazing at her transfixed slumped out of his chair and to the floor. At the thump Lilith looked startled and watched as Maya dropped Farkle's book from the desk onto the boy's stomach.

"Okay then!" Mr. Matthews smiled "Miss Pane you can sit over there next to Mr. Minkus. Farkle stand up please." He sighed, sometimes he really missed middle school.

"Thank you." Lilith smiled politely and took her seat next to Farkle. "So, I'm sorry maybe I misunderstood, but is your name 'Farkle?'"

"She said my name..." Farkle sighed dreamily.

"I'll take that as a yes then." Lilith stuck out her hand and shook Farkle's firmly. "Nice to meet you."

Meanwhile Cory was liking the new student more and more. She was nice to Farkle and, looking at her report card, he saw that she was a straight A student.

"Well," he started class again "I know most of you but you might not all know each other, so let's go around the room and introduce ourselves and say one thing you did this summer. Sound good?"

Riley stuck her hand up "Me first Daddy! Please!" Lilith's eyes widened for a moment before Riley began "My name is Riley Matthews and this summer I spent time with my best friends!"

Clearly this was the teacher's daughter Lilith realized and breathed a sigh of relief. As the class went around the room introducing themselves Lilith listened carefully and wrote down everyone's names in her notebook. She liked to know who she had class with, that way if she missed a day she would know who to talk to.

Finally the class got around to Lilith. "Hi my name is Lilith Pane and this summer I traveled a lot."

"Where did you go?" Riley asked curiously.

"Spain, Rome, France. A lot of places." Lilith told her.

"What did you do there?" Riley pressed.

"Oh my parents work has them travel a lot so in the summers I go with them." Not a lie but not the truth either.

"Cool!" The class chorused and Lilith blushed lightly.

Farkle stared at the black haired beauty before him. He couldn't think straight. She seemed so familiar but he couldn't figure out from where. So instead he smiled and watched her take notes in neat small print. He watched her sign her name in perfect cursive with swirling loops and perfect letters.

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