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I plop down on my couch and sigh.

I hate moving.

My men move my stuff inside the mansion as I sit and think.

Today was...as expected, boring.

I had some people come up to me, claiming I'd want to hang out with them so I shrugged and did.

They're more superficial than I thought they'd be, especially that one girl. I don't remember her name but she was the first to approach me during lunch. I remember her annoying voice though.

I shudder at the thought.

My guys have to transfer in quickly. I'll die of cringe.

I tried my best to make myself seem as friendly as possible today.

"OK, I'm human, I'm from earth and I like high school girls." Headass.

Ew. Not my style.

Who was that girl in that class anyway? She had a smart mouth despite her appearance. It was annoying. She acted all defensive when I caught her staring like it was my fault or something.

I chuckle.

It was a change of pace, to say the least. I'm so used to everyone obeying me, I guess she threw me off when she started talking back to me.

It was strange, but refreshing.

"Ryder! Stop spacing out. I'm talking to you." I almost flinch back, just noticing Lucas next to me.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"When are going to pick a Queen? You're running outta time, your 18th birthday is coming up soon." He lays back and looks at me with a slight smirk on.

"When I find the right girl with the right mindset, I'll choose her."

"You always say that." He mutters.

"And you always ask that. Leave me alone for tonight. Stop nagging." He pouts then gets up and leaves.

He's more annoying.

I take a deep breath and head up for my room.

Tomorrow's going to be a long day.


Ew, school.

I stand a distance from my hell and my hope, not wanting to take a step closer but without a choice, I have to.

I wish I didn't live so close. Maybe then I could, I don't know, look at the birds as I pass by, enjoy the trees, and smell the flowers. Live my life.

I sigh. It doesn't matter now, I'm already here.

I walk through the entrance and remind myself I start with math today. During days 1 and 3 it's English first block but the rest of the time, it's math.

I look down and try to make myself invisible, as always. It's for the better.

I stop at my locker and suddenly, someone bumps into me. Hard.

I tense my muscles and dig my heels into the floor, standing my ground. My foot sticks out instinctively and the person stumbles on it, not falling though.

"What the fuck? Why'd you try to trip me?" The boy says. I look at his face and realize, it's new guy.

I might not want to draw much attention to myself but when someone steps to me, I step to them. It's how I was raised, I can't control it.

"You're the one who almost knocked me over with your shoulder." I respond, keeping my voice down.

"It didn't feel like you were even affected. You didn't get pushed back, not even a little." He narrows his eyes at me and looks at me strangely.

Why am I even talking to this guy? He's definitely not what I want for my low profile.

I glare at him and turn sharply. I have to get to class. He's annoying.

My elbow is yanked back suddenly and I look up to see new guy holding my arm.

"How didn't you fall...?" He looks me up and down.

I rip my arm from his grip.

"Don't touch me." I walk off, not bothering to look back.

I should be careful around him. Just now it was like he...noticed something.

I can't have that.

I really can't.


The lunch room swarms with hungry teens and I get comfortable in my corner. I used to sit at tables but that was before I realized how nice the corner is.

I get settled and pull out my book. I'm almost done with it and I guess it gives me something to do.

I feel chills coming off my shoulder and I turn to meet Ryder's eyes. He stares at me with calculating eyes and I shiver.

What the fuck? What a weirdo.

He gets up and starts walking towards my spot.

I sigh. All I can do is sigh.

He comes and crouches next to me. I roll my eyes and turn to focus on my book.

"What's your name?" He asks. I don't look up from my book.

"Why's it your business?"

"I just want to know."

"Go ask around or something. You'll find out." I wave him away.

He pauses for a second.

"...but I'm asking you."

"And I obviously don't care. Leave me alone." I'm really almost done with this story and I'm kind of not in the mood for his bullshit. His vibes make me angry. He walks like he owns the school.

"Alright then. I'll talk to you later."

"No, you won't." I turn finally and see him get up, looking down at me.

He smirks and then leaves.

I watch him walk away in disgust. How annoying. I should've never bothered him the first day, or today, I feel like I've already done enough damage.

I don't want trouble. I just need to finish high school and get on with my life.

That's all I want.



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