Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Lisa’s POV

“Aaaah unnie we need to hurry. Rosie and Jennie are waiting outside already I don’t want to be late for the first day in school.” I called my friend who was taking so long in her room. Rosie and I are already in our 3rd year in University we’re taking up the same course Mass Communication and Jennie unnie and Jisoo unnie are already on their last year taking up Interior Design.

The four of us have been friends since high school and when we got accepted in the same University we all decided to rent an apartment near the school and live with each other. We all know each other’s secret, we have each other’s back. Jennie unnie is currently dating the school’s most popular guy Kim Jongin also known as Kai.

“Hey snapped out of it. C’mon we’ll be late.” Jisoo snapped her fingers in my face. “Oh finally unnie do you have someone you like?” Rosie asked her innocently “What? No, why would I like that guy. He’s so full of himself. C’mon we’ll be late.” We all stared at her. “She definitely likes someone.” I said and we all snickered.

We all have our own cars but we always take turns on who’s car we are taking to school to save money and gasoline. Today, we are riding Jennie’s car therefore she’s going to be our ride when we’re going home. It has been decided that whoever is bringing the car will also be the one who is bringing us home no matter what the circumstances are. Thus, if she goes in a date we’re also there, if she has some place to go to then we are also there. Nobody’s going to be left behind therefore the designated driver should also wait for everyone, if someone is not present then we all have to wait until that person comes.

Arriving at school, seeing many students greeting their friends made me smile. I’m glad I’m with my bestfriends. “Give me all your schedules.” Jennie said. We all gave her our schedules “Lisa you still have dance practice until 7?” Jennie asked and the rest of girls groaned. “Yep. So you all need to wait for me.” I said. “Rosie you also want to join the Dance Club, right?” I asked Rosie since she has been asking about the tryouts. Rosie hesitated “I’m still not sure. Let me think about it.” She said.

“Okay girls. Are you all ready?” Jennie hyped. “We all are.” We said simultaneously. We got out of the car laughing I saw Kai going to Jennie “Here they go again with their lovey dovey conversation.” Rosie said. Kai saw us and greeted. “Hey how are you girls? Looking good as ever.” He said. We all waved at him “Bye Jennie unnie.” I said and well all went to our separate ways.

“Hi Lisa.” Jimin a member of my dance club greeted me. He’s a very good dancer and he’s also a classmate of mine. “Hello Jimin.” I greeted back “Don’t forget our practice this afternoon.” He said I nodded back at him and smiled. “Oh how I miss that smile. Tell me the truth Lisa are you here to torture my heart?” he said. Oh and I forgot he also a huge flirt. I laughed at him “You never changed Jimin.”

Rosie and I have a different schedules in the morning but in the afternoon we have the same. I sat nearly at the back because a lot of students have occupied the front seats already. This is a Literature class and as our instructor entered the room you could hear all the girls sigh including me too which caused Jimin to react “What so good about Mr. Choi Sunghoon?” he asked and I looked at him “Everything.” I simply said. Mr. Choi discussed the outline topic for the first half he also discussed on how we will all be graded. In the middle if his discussion another student came he reeks the smell of cigarettes.

“Good Morning Mr. Jeon. Why are you late?” the boy glared at him “None of your business.” All the students gasped because of the boy’s rude behavior. He sat at the chair the back of me. His smell of cigarettes is mixed with his perfume. He smells so manly yet when you look at him he has this youthful look on him. “I’m going to distribute these review papers for our discussion.”

The person in front of me passed the papers to me and smiled I also smiled back at her. I remembered what the boy at the back did earlier so I passed the paper without looking at him which caused the papers to scatter on the floor because he didn’t reach his hand to get it. “Bitch you better pick this up since you didn’t pass it to me properly.” I turned to him and smiled “Now you know what it feels like to be insulted. Pick it up yourself. Its your fault for not reaching your hand.” I turned my back at him

The girl in front of me gave me thumbs up. “Then I’m not picking this up.” He said. I just shrugged “Okay suit yourself rude boy.” Jimin kicked my char “Stop talking to him. He’s bad news.” Another voice said “Hey where are the other papers. I didn’t receive anything.” I smiled at that knowing that he’s going to pick it up anytime soon and I was right as I heard the shuffling of papers.


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