Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

I have been thinking about tutoring Jungkook. Is it really okay to be close to him? What if he’s going to embarrass me to his cousin? Ugh why did he have to suggest that one. I need to tell my friends about this. I’m sure they would understand. Its not like I want to be his tutor anyway.

The bell rang for lunch. I plan to tell my friends I just hope it would go smoothly especially to Rosie since she gets worked up easily when it comes to Jungkook. I saw Jimin with his wide smile when he saw me.

“My muse. How are you?” he greeted. I rolled my eyes “Stop hitting on me Jimin. I’m fine.” I said. Jimin just rolled his eyes “Are you going to eat now?” he asked.

I nodded my head walking towards the cafeteria. I feel really bad for ignoring Jimin. He’s like a ball of sunshine, he’s always smiling which also makes everyone around him smile too. He’s like the mood setter. Today I just don’t feel like talking to him. I need to sort my problem first.

I saw the girls already sitting at our usual table. Rosie waving at me. “Hey! You hungry?” she asked. I nodded my head trying to relax my nerves. I need to eat first before I tell them.

“Lisa is something wrong? You don’t like the food?” Jisoo unnie asked. I felt bad instantly, she worked hard for our food. “Oh no unnie. The food is delicious.” I put down my spoon. Its now or never.

“So I have something to tell you guys.” Jennie put her phone down, Rosie stopped looking at the magazine and Jisoo just smiled at me giving me comfort. “Is something wrong Lily?” Jennie asked concerned.

“I don’t want to keep a secret from you so that’s why I’m telling you this and I really do hope you’d understand me.” Jisoo hold my hand for support. “Jungkook asked me to be his tutor and I said yes.” There I fucking said it. Rosie looked at me as if I’m crazy and Jennie just pursed her lips.

“You’re kidding, right?” Rosie asked not sure if she’s going to believe me. Jennie looked at me with her piercing stare. “You don’t know what your getting into Lisa.” Jennie finally said.

I jumped in defense “Its alright though. He’s not going to do anything. I told him not to or else I will be quitting as his tutor.” I explained.

Jisoo was the only one smiling. “Hey its okay but if he gets you in trouble or if he touched a single hair from your head I’m going to punch the living daylights of him.” I smiled greatly at Jisoo unnie.

Rosie still pouted “I’m not okay with you with Jungkook but Jisoo unnie is right if he does something to you then he’s going to pay.” Did I say how much I love my friends? Jennie just sighed “Be careful. He’s not a nice person Lily.”

I was super happy that my problem is solved already. I smiled widely and hugged each one of them. “I promise you if he is going to hurt me then I will be the one who’s going to knock his tooth off.”

That made the girls laugh because they know it wasn’t an empty threat. I could throw a mean left hook which could bruise your eye for a week.

After lunch Jungkook and I met “So did you think about it?” he asked. I was having a debate in my mind for pros and cons of tutoring him. On of the pros of tutoring him is I’ll be getting closer to his cousin and maybe by helping Jungkook he’s going to notice me but one of the cons is what if Taehyung would misunderstand this.

I just hope that whatever decision I’m going to make it will do me good. Oh well as long as the girls already know then everything's fine. Or at least I hope so.


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