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“Babe hang in there okay? I will come here everyday and bring your favorite flowers just please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you.” Jungkook cried his heart out while holding his beloved’s hand Tzuyu.

Jungkook continued to visit Tzuyu everyday bringing her favorite flowers hoping that she will soon open her eyes. The thought of Tzuyu dying makes him want to leave this world too. It would be meaningless to live without her, she had been his only family after his parents died. The only friend he has. The only soulmate he will ever have.

When he arrived at Tzuyu’s room he saw her brother sitting by the window. “Jackson any news yet?” he asked. Jackson looked at him and smiled “None.” Jungkook put the flowers in a vase. Tzuyu’s monitor beeped which caused Jackson to panicked and called the doctor. Jungkook stared at Tzuyu lying on her bed peacefully after how many minutes the monitor went silent and no heartbeat detected.

Jackson held the doctor’s collar “Why didn’t you save my sister huh?  She’s the only sister that I have. Why didn’t you save her?” he cried on the floor. “Sir I’m very sorry. I did all I can do. I’m sorry.” Jungkook went near to Tzuyu and held her hand “Baby you’re still there right? You promised me that we’ll get married and make a family. Please wake up.” Tears flowed on his eyes grieving the loss of his beloved. “I love you.” He whispered.

The parents of Tzuyu and Jackson came crying. “My baby…” her mother called out.

After a week it was Tzuyu’s funeral. “Bro be strong for my sister, okay?” Jackson patted Jungkook’s back “Hyung I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I can go out there and say goodbye to her.” Jungkook said silently “Its okay. You have done enough. You could have been the best brother in law I could ever have. Don’t give up, okay?” Jungkook nodded meekly.

After the funeral, after everyone went home he stayed. He stayed looking at the river to where they scattered the ashes. He almost wanted to jump and drown himself and be with her but he knows she wouldn’t like that so he stayed strong.

“You look like you’re about to jump on that river.” A voice said beside him. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she talked again. “I mean the sunset. “ Jungkook started to talked in his croaked voice “There’s nothing beautiful I could see right now.” He said. “There is actually if you open your eyes but seeing that your mourning and your eyes are full of tears you could only see a shrouded sunset. Beautiful things only have limited time so admire it as long as you can.” The girl walked closer to the edge “I hope that whatever your feeling right now you’ll get past through it and someday you’re going to appreciate all the wonderful things that this world can offer. I’m sure that’s what he/she wanted for you too. Stay strong!” and then the girl ran only to let Jungkook see a glimpse of her black hair.

4 years later…


This is not a trailer. But I was motivated to create a story because of this video. Credits to the owner: Certified Fan

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