Chapter 5

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Jungkook's POV

I must be going crazy. Why am I talking to that girl. I don't even know her. "Jungkook I heard you joined the dance club." Taehyung my cousin said "Yeah I was just helping them because they need one member." I told him "Well, that's good." He simply said "Stop acting like a father to me hyung. Its weird. Ah you know that chick the other day when we're at the Student Council room? She's kinda my partner so this would be interesting." I said. "Jungkook don't even think of doing something to her." He said seriously. I look at him to see his reaction "Well this is interesting." And then he closed my door. Ha! Caught him!

I went down to see him "Hyung I don't think I'll be able to come home tomorrow." That's all I said before I went out. Tomorrow is the death anniversary of Tzuyu and because I have class so I'll be able to go there after class. I went outside to smoke. I have this habit of smoking when I'm thinking too much. Ever since Tzuyu died I had developed bad habits to cope up with pain. I did drugs, I drank until I pass out, I used girls for pleasure and throw them away after it was all because I wanted to get rid the pain that I'm feeling until Taehyung hyung and his family sent me to rehabilitation center and there I found my passion on art.

I drew all my sadness and pain or sometimes when I'm happy or excited. I drew Tzuyu's face, her happy face, sad face and her angry face but there's this one drawing in my sketchbook its where we scattered Tzuyu's ashes, there's this girl who just came to admire the sunset. Even though its only her voice I felt calm, I wish I saw her face that day but when I turned to look at her all I saw was her carefree running away and her black hair.

The first time I heard that girl's voice when she rudely passed the papers to me I thought it was her but disappointment settled on me when I saw the she has blonde hair but everytime she talks all I can remember was a faceless girl with a black hair. I must be going crazy.

Ever since I saw that girl I was looking forward to go to school that is why when I found out that she's in a dance club and they're in need of members I joined. Tzuyu's brother Jackson thought me how to dance. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in love, I don't think I can feel that way again. I don't want to go through hell again and besides she likes Taehyung. Maybe this is because I was reminded by her voice.

The next day came by quickly maybe because its an important day. Tzuyu's anniversay sets me on edge. When I arrived at school she was the first girl that I saw with a worried expression but quickly changed into an adorable smile when she saw my cousin. Hmm should I tell her that there's a possibility that my cousin likes her too." After my cousin went past her I caught her looking at him with admiration so I decided to tease her a little. "Stare more and my cousin would trip on his own feet." Her blush was adorable and she has a shocked expression on her face. "Jerk! Don't sneak up like that!" she tried to walk passed me but I still want to hear her voice and I didn't sneak up on her she was just to busy staring that she didn't notice me. "But we'll be dancing together you know. You might as well be comfortable being with me." I said to annoy her more. I saw those annoying girls who always annoys me so much before they can come near I escaped.

Classes were boring as hell. I can't wait to get out here. After my class I saw Taehyung coming to me "Kook! Can we talk for a while?" he said. "What do you mean when you said you're not going home today?" he asked. Maybe he forgot. "I have something important to do hyung. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon so I'll probably be absent tomorrow." I said so that he would stop worrying. "Where are you going?" he asked. "You know the place. I got to go hyung. I still have a dance practice."

I went to the dance club to inform the instructor to be excused today but she said that we will be performing this Saturday so we have to learn the dance faster. I saw her coming so I agreed to stay. I was so focused in learning the dance quickly until our instructor said if we'd like to both perform it front of the members but I declined since I really need to get out of this school. After dismissing us I hurriedly went out and went to a 3 hour drive lake

I went to the convenient store to grab some drinks and food since I'll be staying overnight. My phone has been ringing non stop probably Taehyung hyung. I answered his call to stop him from worrying. "Hyung..." I said "Jungkook I'm sorry I didn't know it was today." He said. "Its okay hyung. I'll be camping overnight near the lake." I said to him. "Okay. Jungkook don't do anything stupid today, okay? Come home safe." He said and then hang up. I couldn't blame him for worrying the last death anniversary of Tzuyu I almost overdosed because of drugs, thankfully someone saw me and I was hurriedly brought to the hospital.

Today is different. I wanted to make this peaceful for her so I decided to just camp here near the lake and drink. If Tzuyu is still alive today I wonder where we could've been today. Instead of death anniversaries we would be celebrating our relationship anniversaries today. Planning our future together. I would've loved her even more. Tzuyu why do you have to leave me so early? Staring at the sky right now felt so surreal. I could still remember what that mysterious girl said to me. I brought my sketchpad with me and just let my hands work. I was surprised to see my drawing. It was that girl. Lisa.


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