Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

This morning I had thought about what Rosie said last night. The only problem was Jerk face and I don’t get along so how do I befriend him? “Rosie you remember what you told me last night?” I asked “What?” she said while munching an apple. “Uh you know the befriend the Jerk cousin so I could spy my crush.” I said. Rosie fake choked on her apple “That is not happening. I wasn’t serious Lisa. Don’t even think of getting close to him. Jennie unnie will flipped if she knows you’ve hanging out with a delinquent.” She said.

But the more I thought about it, the more I could imagine the possibilities of getting close to Taehyung sunbae. I just need to have patience and have a high tolerance for Jerk face and then if I got closer to his cousin then it’s a win for me. As we neared the gates of our school he was the first person that I saw holding a cigar in his hand. Oh gosh if I want to befriend him I got convince him not to smoke all the time because I really can’t stand the smell of cigarettes.

“Who are you looking… oh?” Jisoo said as she noticed me staring. “I was thinking about what Rosie said last night and I think it’s a good idea unnie.” I whispered. “Okay girls, wait for me here this dismissal, okay? Kai wanted to talk about something.” She said. “Are you two, okay?” Jisoo asked. “Honestly unnie, I don’t know. He just seemed so distant these days. “Did he do something?” Rosie asked “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll find out today since he insisted that he wanted to talk.” she said. “Okay. Call us if you need back up.” Jisoo said

I was going to my locker when I saw Taehyung sunbae and Irene sunbae talking. Irene sunbae was laughing at what Taehyung sunbae was saying. “Stare at them more and the ground will open and swallow them whole.” A very familiar voice said. “And here I thought you’re not going to show up again.” I said rolling my eyes. “Hmm I’d never thought you’d notice my absence. You missed me?” he said and I got goosebumps and my heart was beating fast. “You’re a joker. That must your talent besides in pissing other people.” I said.

And I remembered that I should befriend this guy. I have to do something. How do I do that? “So, because you had a one day vacation did you know that we had an assignment and a group activity?” I asked. He quirked an eyebrow at me which I find adorable. Seriously his eyebrows are beautiful. “How would I know? Who cares anyway.” He said “Maybe you wanted to copy mine?” I suggested and surprisingly he laughed “What’s the catch? You’re acting suspicious today. Did develop any feelings for yesterday while I was absent? Did you miss me?” I stared at him long hard enough wondering how do I continue this. “Don’t be too full of yourself.”

We didn’t even notice we were walking together to our classroom. “I could take a lucky guess why you’re acting like this.” He said. “If you’re going to say that I developed some feelings for you, then save it.” I said rolling my eyes. “Okay then.” He smiled. “Seriously its not like that, okay? How about I tell you after our dance practice.” I said. “Nope. That’s way too long. How about you tell me now?” crossjng his arms and leaning on the wall beside our classroom. “There’s a lot of students in here.” I said and he raised one eyebrow “So? Just profess your love here.” He teased “Ugh! That's not it! Okay? I need a favor.” I said it. He acted like he was not surprised “and? Whats in it for me?” he said. “Umm I will do everything you say. Name a favor and I’ll return it but no dirty thought!s” I said putting my hands on my hips. “Awwe but where’s the fun in that?” he teased. I gave him a stinking eye glare “Geez okay, okay. This is about my cousin, right?” he said like its obvious. I nodded.

“Okay but there’s no going back. You will do everything I say.” He clarified and I nodded “But you can’t force me to do bad stuffs my roommates will kill me.” I said. “Alright. Deal.”


Its a short update because I had a lot of things to do. School stuffs. So there's going to slow updates from now on. I hope you understand.

And I kind of stopped watching liskook videos so it took me a while to write this chapter but I will try to get back on track. Maybe I'll upload next Sunday.

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