Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Dance Practice went smoothly. Jerk face and I never argued. I was walking to Jisoo and Rosé when I saw Jennie crying on the bench “Unnie? Why are you here? Why are you crying?” I asked. “We broke up Lisa. I didn’t even know why. Did I do something wrong? Was I not a good girlfriend? We broke up just like that.” She sobbed on my shoulder “Ssh lets get you home and we’re going to talk.” I helped her. Rosé saw us first with her dramatic gasped “What happened?” she asked. “Unnie are you hurt?” she asked again. “No. I mean err, yes.” I said confused. I mean she’s heartbroken so she must’ve been in pain.

Jisoo volunteered to be the driver since Jennie was in no position to drive today. The ride home was silent and tense. I was suppose to tell them today that Jerk face and I are in good terms but it seems like its not a good time for it. Tonight, someone is going cry and stuff herself with ice cream. As soon as we arrive home Jennie has calmed down but as we all sat down in the living room and when Jisoo asked what really happened to her Jennie was sobbing again. “Unnie calm down.” Rosie said. “Jendeuki, why don’t you tell us what you and Kai talked.” Jisoo carefully asked. “He was talking about he has to focus on his academics and his varsity so he had to break up with me.”  Rosie slammed her hands on the table “That’s bullshit!” we all nodded our heads sadly “I guess there’s going to be another douchbag on the list.”

“Do you want us to talk to Kai?”  Jisoo said calmly “No unnie. He might think that I’m desperate. I just don’t want to see his face again.” She said. “We’re all here if you need someone, okay?” Jisoo said. Jennie cried and we gathered for a group hug. This is why I wouldn’t trade this girls ever, we would always have each others back. “How about you fix yourself and we are all going to eat outside?” Jisoo suggested. “Ey unnie you just want to escape cooking.” I said jokingly

After Jennie fixed herself to be presentable we all went to this nice restaurant. “I want to go there. It’s a desert palace.” I said pointing at the store which sells desserts. “Me too. We’ll go there after eating.” Rosie said. Besides me Rosie also has a thing for sweets.” Our orders arrived and we began to eat. “Yum. This is delicious. I’m glad you took us out unnie. This is so much better.” Jisoo glared at me “I’m not inviting you next time.” She said and I laughed. After finishing my plate I looked at Rosie to see if she’s done but she’s a slow eater “Yah Rosie.” I said. “Oh you’re done? You could you ahead of me. I’ll be there after finishing.” She said. As soon as she said it I hurriedly got up and went to the store. I ordered my favorite Hazelnut. I was about to pay for it when I noticed my pocket is empty. I could feel the sweat and the embarrassment. Oh gosh! I forgot to bring my wallet with me. “Miss? Are you okay?” the cashier said “Oh umm yeah.” I said hesitantly. What do I do?

The man next in line gave a bill to the cashier “I’ll pay for hers too.” I looked at the familiar voice and saw him unexpectedly. “You’ve got to pay me back partner.” He said and I swear the hairs on my spine stood up and I could feel my ears getting red. I get my hazelnut icecream and sat on a table. “A simple thank you would’ve been nice. Never expected you to blush fifty shades of pink.” He laughed. “Thank you. I left my wallet at home and my unnies are still eating there.” I babbled pointing at the restaurant.

“No problem but I want you to pay me.” He said with a hint of glint in his eyes. “Oh I’ll pay you tomorrow. Don’t worry.” I said assuring him. Who would’ve thought that Jerk face is also a Jerk outside the campus. “Never would’ve thought that you’re an ice cream person.” I said. “Well I am. I love ice cream as much as I love my cigarettes.” I scrunched my face. Ew. I saw Rosie going inside and she ordered her favorite flavor “Rosie in here.” I shouted. Jungkook froze and looked at me while Rosie smiled at me and a confused look as he wondered who was the guy.

“Hey how did you pay that?” she said referring to my ice cream. “He paid it but I’ll pay him tomorrow.” Rosie frozed when she looked at Jungkook. “You! Did you do or said anything to my sister?” Rosie glared at him. Jungkook looked at me with an unfazed expression “Sisters? You two are sisters?” he asked “Umm not exactly by blood but yeah we can totally pass on as sisters.” I said. Rosie got something from her purse and gave it to Jungkook “Here’s what she owed you. Don’t talk to her again.” Rosie said protectively “We’ll see. See you tomorrow Lisa.” Jungkook did not get the money but he got up and leave without even finishing his ice cream. “What a waste.” I said looking at his unfinished dessert.

“What were you two talking about?” Rosie asked suspiciously “Nothing. He just paid for my ice cream and then just doing the usual thing, pissing me off.” I said “Are you sure?” she asked and I nodded “Lisa he’s bad news.” She warned me. “Nah he’s harmless Rosie. Don’t worry I won’t be tricked.” I said assuring her. “Don’t get close to him, okay? I don’t care if he’s Taehyung Sunbae’s cousin. He is going to hurt you.” She said.


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