Chapter 4

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I was busy going around the campus trying to make a list of the performers. I suddenly saw Taehyung sunbae before I could hide he was smiling and heading towards me “Lisa have you gotten the list yet?” he asked “I’m still working on it sunbae by the afternoon I’m going to give the list to you.” I said and he just smiled “Okay if you’re done just put it on the student council table.” And he walked away I could stare at his back longingly.

“Stare more and my cousin would trip on his own feet.” I felt the blush rising in my cheeks. “Jerk! Don’t sneak up like that!” I said trying to move past him “Its your fault for staring at my cousin too long that you didn’t see me.” He said. “Go away. I’m very busy and I don’t want your annoying company.” I said walking away fast from him but to my dismay he still followed me “But we’ll be dancing together you know. You might as well be comfortable being with me.” He smugly said. “In your dreams!”

Thankfully he walked to the opposite direction. “I don’t know what he sees in you you’re just an ordinary girl who always sticks to Kai’s girlfriend. Your friend snatched Kai from us and now you’re going to steal Jungkook from me too?! You better keep your distance from him or else I’m going to ruin you!” the scary girl glared at me with so much hatred “Jungkook? Mr. Jerk face? You’ve got to be kidding me! Don’t worry he’s all yours. Don’t mind me I don’t even like that guy!” I said thankfully Rosie saw me “Hey what are you doing?” he said loudly to catch their attention “If I see you cornering my friend again I’m going to claw your eyes! Shoo insects or I’mma go and slap you!” Rosie aggressively shoo them away. “Did they hurt you?” Rosie asked concerned and I shook my head “No but they threatened me to stay away from Jungkook. Seriously ever since I had encountered him all these bad things happened to me.” I groaned. “Lisa fighting! I have to go I have a class and please give us a call if those girls are harassing you again.” I nodded gratefully.

After listing the booths that will be present and attending my class its time for my dance class. When I got there I already saw Mr. Jerk face talking to our instructor. “Lisa you’re here. Go and get ready and we’ll begin with our practice.” After getting changed in a pair of leggings and a loose shirt we practiced the same choreography again. I hate to admit but Mr. Jerk face is trying hard to learn the steps too and he’s very focused today. “Lisa and Jungkook you’re good at it already. Do you want to show your members how you do it?” Minzy our instructor said. Thankfully Mr. Jerk face rejected first “Today? I’m sorry but I need to go somewhere important. Are we done yet?” he said. There’s something about him today. He looked so tense. “Oh yeah we’re done. Same time tomorrow.”

Mr. Jerk face hurriedly got out if the room. I went to find my friends in the parking lot and also saw Taehyung sunbae standing at the tree where Mr. Jerk face used to hang out odd thing was Mr. Jerk face wasn’t there. Taehyung sunbae saw me and approached me “Hey Lisa have you seen Jungkook? The guy you saw at the students council office.” He asked You mean Mr. Jerk face?” “After our dance practice he ran away quickly. Looks like he’s in a hurry of something. Oh and he also said he has someplace important to go today.” Taehyung sunbae went silent for a moment “I’m sorry but what’s the date today?” he asked. I looked at him confused “August 25.” As soon as I said the date he cursed and I was taken aback because this is the first time that I heard him curse and his face look so worried “I gotta go. Thank you.” And he disappeared.

“Yo Lisa what were you and Taehyung talking huh? It looks so serious.” Jennie asked “He’s just asking about Mr. Jerk face.” I said. “and he’s asking you because?” she asked suspiciously “I don’t know, maybe because he knows we belong to the same club.” I said. “Or maybe because he’s using his cousin as an excuse to talk to you.” The girls squealed “Nah I doubt it. He doesn't even like me.” I argued “We still don’t know about that.” And then we went on our way home.

Its Jennie’s time to prepare to dinner. Jisoo and Jennie unnie takec turns in cooking while Rpsie and I just wait. We are only good at eating especially Rosie but even though we ate a lot we still don’t forget to exercise. Being healthy is beautiful. “Ah unnie I almost forgot. Lisa has been targeted by the mean beyotches of the school.” Rosie informed them “What did they do? Did they hurt you?” Jennie ran from the kitchen “Yah Jennie go back to the kitchen you’re not done cooking.” Jisoo said “Nope not until Lisa tells me everything.” She said “Its nothing unnie. The didn't hurt me. They just cornered me and warned not to stay close to Mr. Jerk face. I mean, I don’t even like him. In fact I despise him so why would they think that I’m a threat. Ugh ever since meeting him all these bad things are happening to me.”

“If those girls went near to you again, or any of you call me. I’m going to teach those girls a lesson they won’t forget.” Jennie unnie told us. Maybe she felt guilty because eversince she went out with Kai the girls began harassing us. “Its okay unnie I can handle myself.” I said loudly so that she can hear. “Lisa those girls can physically hurt you so you need to call anyone of us, okay?” Rosie said seriously and I nodded my head.”

I noticed Jisoo unnie scrolling through her cellphone “Unnie who is he?” I said. Jisoo quickly out her cellphone down “Nothing.” She guiltily said. “Ah unnie tell us.” I whined “Do you like that guy?” I asked “No.” she said in a small voice. “He’s…” she stuttered. “You just stuttered unnie. You can’t anything from us.” I said rather loudly “Okay okay you got me. He’s Kim Seokjin. He’s from a rival school.” She admitted Rosie and I looked at each other “Kim Seokjin? Your exboyfriend? Unnie are you crazy?” Rosie said. “I knew you would react like this that’s why I kept it as a secret.” Jisoo said. “Unnie he cheated on you when we’re still in highschool. You cried for nights remember?” Rosie said. “He’s a changed mad Rosie. I believe anyone can change.” Jisoo replied. “Unnie he’s changed a lot. He has broad shoulders now, and wow he’s tall.” I said observing the pictures. “That’s why he’s the most popular boy in their school right now. A good looking boy who is also intelligent.” Jennie unnie butted in. “Unnie you know about them?” Rosie asked “Not until today.” She said. “And you’re okay with Jisoo unnie  getting back with that manwhore?” Rosie said and I gasped at her choice of words “Rosie you know Jisoo unnie. We can’t change her mind. Now c’mon girls its time to eat.”

After stuffing our stomachs I’m now making a report for the performers and the booths for the even and I will be giving to Taehyung sunbae tomorrow.


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