Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Mr. Choi dismissed us early since its still the first day if class. I hurriedly ran to my second subject a guy bumped on me before entering to classroom “We’re not yet done. Watch your back.” He said. I stared at his back “What an immature jerk!” I huffed. Next subject is Philosophy my favorite “Hey Lisa!” a friend greeted “Hey Momo. How are you?” I said. Momo is a friend since freshman and a fellow dance club member. “I’m good. Come on sit with me.” She said

I sat next to her “Hey do you know that guy?” I asked “You don’t know him? He’s Jeon Jungkook. He’s very mysterious and he doesn’t talk anyone. He just stays under the tree on the parking lot and  cigars. There were also lots of rumors that he uses drugs and uses girls every night and dump them in the morning.” Lisa stared at Momo and back at Jungkook “What? He’s that horrible?” Momo nodded “So tell me about you and Taehyung sunbae? You went on a date with him last semester, right?” she asked excitedly “Ssh keep your voice down. No we didn't went on a date.” I said.

“But Mina and I saw you with him in the café shop.” I shake my head “Oh that day? We were talking about something important. It was not a date. How I wish.” I sighed. Taehyung sunbae is my crush since freshman year and I think he knows it too. He’s sweet, manly, gentleman and a student council president. I could only stare at him from a far. “Don’t worry you’ll get your chance eventually.” She smiled sweetly.

After my Philosophy class I’m now headed to the cafeteria and sat in our usual table. “Why the long face?” Jisoo unnie asked. “Bad morning.” I said. “Do you know that guy? He’s waving maniacally here.” I looked at the guy that he was referring to “That’s Jimin. A dance club member. Ignore him. Unnie do you know someone named Jeon Jungkook?” I asked her. She shake her head  “Why? I know him and he’s dangerous so stay away from him.” Jennie unnie who just came said sternly. “That’s what Momo said to me too.” Nodding my head.

“Oh here comes your crush Lisa…” Jennie teased. “Unnie he’s going to hear you.” I said to keep her quiet. Jisoo shake my arm “He’s coming.” She whispered. “What? Why?” Until I heard his deep voice “Lisa-ssi can I talk to you after the break?” he said. I could barely nod my head because I was surprised to see him here. He brought a drink and then went out “OMG.” Jennie unnie and Jisoo unnie are both squealing. “Hey why are you all like that? And why do you have that goofy smile on you Lisa?” Rosie asked “Taehyung wanted to talk to our Lisa after break.”

Lisa just rolled her eyes “Oh stop overreacting girls. I bet he only wanted to talk because of the upcoming opening ceremony of the freshmen.” I said but deep inside I felt giddy and I can’t wait for this break to be over. “You’re lucky he wants to talk to you. Hey who’s that crazy short guy waving to?” Rosie asked “A friend of Lisa.” Jisoo said “Oh yeah who ruined your morning again Lisa?” Jisoo asked. “Jeon Jungkook.” By mentioning his name Rosie and Jennie gasped “Hey you two know him?” Jisoo asked. “I met him at the party and he’s weird and he smells trouble everytime.” Rosie said. “It is said that he became like that after his girlfriend died.” Jennie whispered.

“Girlfriend? But I heard he’s a womanizer.” I asked them. “Oh he is Lisa. Womanizer level 100. He dumps girls like trashes. Used in the evening and thrown in the morning. Horrible guy! So you stay away from him, alright?” Jennie warned me. I nodded my head “I wouldn't want to be acquainted to him anyway, earlier he was do rude to Mr. Choi. So I also acted rude to him which serves him right and on my second subject he bumped unto me purposely. What a jerk.” I said to them. “You talked to him and pissed him off?” Jennie said wide eyed “Oh my gosh! I told you to lay low Lisa. Lets just hope he’s not going to do anything.” Jennie said.

“But do you know that he is friends with Kim Taehyung aka your crush.” Rosie said. Jennie looked so shocked “That, I don’t know. Omg really?” Jennie said “That’s impossible how can a good boy and a gentleman Taehyung be good friends with that horrible jerk.” Rosie shrugged “Beats me. But I saw them talking everyday and now he’s currently talking to him like good friends. Look.” He pointed outside. I saw them casually talking while Jerk guy was holding a cigarette and also holding the juice that Taehyung brought earlier. Luckily break time’s over. “Good luck on your talk with Taehyung.” Jennie and Jisoo unnie cheered. “Bye Lisa. See you in our next class. I’ll save a seat.” I smiled gratefully to Rosie “You’re the best Rosie.”

My heart is beating so fast while walking to the student council room. I went to the girls bathroom first and fixed myself. I should act normal. Oh my hands are sweating. I said to myself. After assuring myself to just act normal I continued walking to Student Council room.

As I went inside I heard some voices “Hyung I told you I’m already okay. I have moved on in my life. I have accepted her fate.” A voice said. I decided to seat outside first and let them talk. “You’ve said that many times but your still using girls to cover up your pain.” Taehyung said concerned “Those are just girls hyung. They came to me. They wanted me and I never promised them anything. They wanted something from me and I just gave it to them. You should try it out sometimes too hyung. It could make you go to heaven for a while.” As the guy said those words my face is burning. Who is he talking anyway.

“Enough.” Taehyung’s voice boomed while the other guy was laughing. “You should go to class now.” The guy went out with a smile on his face and quick made frown when he saw me. The Jerk guy. How dare he talk like that to my Taehyung. “Hey I remember you! You were the one who threw the papers.” He said. “And I remember you, you were the one who was so rude to Mr. Choi this morning.” We glared at each other “Are you following me now? Let me tell you this in advance you’re not my type.” I huffed “You’ve got to be kidding me! I have some business here and that’s not you Mister! And for your information your not my type either. I want a guy who’s not crude, and has manners and a gentleman. You’re neither on those categories. So excuse me while I meet my Prince Charming.” I said the last phrase quietly.

“You like the President? Hyung…” he shouted. I hurriedly covered his mouth with my hand. “I swear to all the gods you jerk if you are going to tell him I will kick you in the face!” I threatened him. He licked my the palm of my hand “Ew what the heck. You are so gross. Stop spreading your virus.” I said. Taehyung opened the door to his own office “Oh you’re here Lisa and why are you still here?” referring to Mr. Jerk face. “I just had this very interesting conversation with this girl hyung. Bye. Enjoy your time together. I just want to remind you that it’s the only two of you who’s here.” I blushed hard with his hidden message. “Jerk!” I said before he went out.

“Sorry about that. I called you here so that we can discuss about the upcoming freshmen even.” He begins. I told you this was all about that.


Again sorry for the mistakes.

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