Chapter 9

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Jungkook's POV

I was about to turn on the corner when I saw a very familiar blonde hair and she’s with her friends. Women. I have a very horrible experience with one of her friends. The tall slender girl with a long hair. I have to admit though she has a very nice body perfect for praising but I didn’t know she was a virgin. How would I know? So yeah I slept with the hot girl turns out it was her first time so when I saw her at school she smiled at me sweetly but I don’t do second hook ups. It was only a one time thing. She cornered me and said that how could I pretend nothing ever happened to us. I told her honestly that it was just a random hook up. Nothing more. She ran while crying. Until now every time she saw me at school she would roll her eyes and would raise her middle finger. Fiesty.

I parked my motorcycle near the ice cream shop. I watched them ate. I look like a mot*er fu*kn stalker. A while ago that bubbly blondie girl came to me and asked a favor. Which was very easy to do. After doing what I had to I am going to let her pay me back. My cousin is very easy to read. I’m not usually one to take favors in fact I hate it. I don’t why I agreed to her in the first place, maybe I really do have a soft spot for her because her happiness is contagious. Her presence is very familiar. I saw her get out from the restaurant and crossing the street. She went inside the ice cream shop. I decided to show myself just to annoy her. She’s cute when she’s annoyed.

As I went inside I saw her eyes sparkle just like a little kid. I saw a very familiar girl. The girl during Tzuyu’s funeral. I could totally see the resemblance. I just don’t know yet if its her or my head is just shitting me. She was about to pay but then her eyebrows met an expression that something is wrong. Her face flushed so I decided to just buy an ice cream for me. It hits me that she doesn't have her wallet with her. I took a bill from my wallet and paid for her ice cream. I looked at her and she flushed 10 times darker and her adorable ears also are red. She looked at me and I smiled at her “You’ve got to pay me back partner.” I said just to tease her.

She’s still so adorable with her flushed face. “A simple thank you would’ve been nice. Never thought you’d blush fifty shades of pink.” I laughed. She thanked me and said that she left her wallet. Who the hell forgets their wallet while going out? I guess she’s that kind of girl. My kind of girl. Wait, what? What’s wrong with me?  “Never would’ve thought you’re an ice cream person.” She said snapping me out of my thoughts. Well, I’m not really an ice cream person but then I just had to do something. You’re simply irrisistible. Of course I didn’t say that. “Well I am. I love ice cream as much as I love my cigarettes.” I said. I was caught of guard when she smiled brightly like she saw someone who brightens up her day and for a second I felt goosebumps thinking that someone made her smile like that.

Until she shouted “Rosie! In here.” A girl? Rosie? Why does it sound so familiar? “Hey how did you paid for that?” a very familiar voice said. “He paid it but I’ll pay him tomorrow.” She turned her head and the look on her face could slit me. “You! Did you do or said anything to my sister?” Sister? They’re sisters?  “You two are sisters?” I asked “Not exactly by blood but we could totally pass on as sisters.” Lisa said with her adorable and innocent smile. Rosie grab some coins on her purse “Here’s what she owed you! Do talk to her again.” She said. Feisty. I’ve had enough of this. From the look on Lisa’s face I guess she didn’t know. Sorry Rosie, your sister is just to irresistible. “We’ll see. See you tomorrow Lisa.” I got up without finishing the ice cream.

I was speeding my motorcycle so I could arrive at home. My cousin would wait for me whenever I go home late. “Where have you been?” Taehyung hyung said as I opened the door. “Out. Eating ice cream.” He was silent for a while. “You should’ve sent me a text.” He said. “Hyung I’m thankful that you worry for me but I’m okay now. I won’t be that kind of guy again. Besides I was preoccupied a while ago with a cute adorable blonde haired girl.” I said causing him to freeze “Blonde girl?” he asked suspiciously. Hyung you’re very easy to read. Before he could ask some more questions I head up to my room “Goodnight hyung.”


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