Chapter 11

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Here's a moment with three of our favorite characters.

You all deserve this chapter.


Chapter 11

My morning went smoothly. The girls and I are having fun while going to school. Even Jennie’s gloomy mood lifted up. It was a sunny day today and I have a feeling that this day will be good to me. There he was the guy who always inspires me to do my best his hair color shine brightly with the sun’s light reflecting it, creating a light brown color and my goodness he looked very handsome.

“Your drooling.” Jisoo said flatly. I was out of it immediately and rolled my eyes “Unnie…” I said breathless “He’s my light. I don’t know what to do if I could not see him for one day” I said. Rosie and Jennie cracked a laugh “I swear Lisa your super whipped. Ooh look who’s coming.” Rosie, Jennie and Jisoo excused themselves pretending to get something on their lockers.

I looked at Taehyung who is walking towards me. My gosh he looked so dreamy. “Hey Lisa and umm friends.” He greeted. Isn’t it sweet of him to greet my friends too. He’s Perfect.

“Hey sunbae. What’s up?” I said and then blushed why did I have to say What’s up like we’re friends? He probably thinks I’m weird now.

He just smiled and I swear on my sister’s grave I stopped breathing. “How’s the preparation going?” he said. If it weren’t for Jennie who elbowed me I would have make a fool of myself.

“Umm what was that again?” I asked

“The preparations? How is it?” he asked again.

Right. Of course this is going to be about the school’s event. “Oh its okay. All the booths agreed for the rules and regulations that should be applied during that day. Everything is fine.” I said.

Taehyung nodded. “Tell me if you’re having a hard time. Oh and by the way, do you happen to be eating ice cream yesterday?” he asked.

I was taken aback with his question. Did I eat ice cream yesterday? Rosie answered for me “Yeah we ate ice cream yesterday.” Taehyung nodded confused. “Okay. Bye girls. Have a good day.”

As he walked away I saw Irene with him and they’re walking together. That put me in a sour mode immediately. That bitch!

“Lisa we’ll go ahead. Take care.” The girls waved goodbye and went to their classes.

“Green is definitely not your color sweetheart.” The devil himself said

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t call me that! I’m not jealous.”

Jungkook shrugs. “Whatever. Watching you from afar made me realize. You’ve had it bad for my cousin. You're looking at him like a lovesick fool.” He said.

“Go annoy someone. I’m not in the mood.” I said and pushed him away.

“But your my favorite person to annoy.” He pouted.

“I’m honoured. Not.” I said flatly. “Go away before my friends sees you.” And then I remembered I still owe his for the ice cream.

“By the way here’s what I owe you yesterday. Thank you.” I said.

He stared at me like I have grown two heads. “I don’t want your money. I want you to tutor me.” He said.

I gaped at him. Tutor him? Isn’t that a bit too much? “How about I buy you an ice cream today?” I suggested.

He walked away. “That's not how I intend you to pay sweetheart. Tutor me.” He said while leaning on the wall and gave me his infamous smirk.

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