chapter 5 - choices

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Victoria's POV

I had never been so grateful for a hot shower in my life, and I scrubbed every inch of my face to get off as much make up as possible. Thank goodness Mumma had also packed me some shampoo and conditioner and makeup remover. I must have spent an eternity in there scrubbing myself clean and washing out the hairspray from my hair and when I got out and looked at myself in the mirror, my face was flushed but at least I looked more like myself.

Mumma had packed me a few outfits and I chose a strappy layered maxi dress that showed off my waist and flattered my cleavage. I combed out my hair and popped on some light makeup, then looked down at the small container of red sindoor in my makeup box.

Did I really want to wear it?

Did I really need to advertise myself as a married woman by placing the red powder on my forehead?

Did I really want to wear my mangala sutra every day like a good obedient wife?

No, I didn't have a choice about getting married, but I had a choice what I did going forward.

I dragged my suitcase our of the bathroom, ignoring Phillip's smirk, and walked to the closet, and tried to find the rest of my things, particularly my phone charger. My phone was in my suitcase but was stone cold dead and I was desperate to catch up with my best friend Simmi.

Everything had been laid out perfectly, dresses and blouses were hung colour coordinated and everything else were in draws, again folded to perfection. I finally found it tucked away in a draw, but I couldn't find anything else, not hairdryer, hair straightener , curler, laptop . None of my electricals where there.

walking back to the bedroom and frowned at the bed, I hated the look of a messy bed so I quickly tided it up and went back to find my things

I was so engrossed in reorganizing my things I didn't notice Phillip walk up behind me.

' Err...Victoria? I need to get dressed."

I nearly jumped out of my skin and turned to face him - he was still wet from the shower, water dripping from his wet hair onto his toned physique, all he had on was a towel, tied low on his hips. His brown green eyes pierced into mine , his flawless latte brown skin damp with water, his perfect full lips curled into a hint of a smile, he knew he looked good and I must have turned beetroot red out of embarrassment, I had never seen a guy this naked this close in real life, and I had to admit Phillip was as hot as hell, and I practically ran out of the walk in wardrobe.

Breakfast arrived at exactly at 8am, and it smelled delicious, it was placed neatly on the balcony and after Stanford had inspected everything to make sure it was perfect, he ushered us to sit and eat.

In the meantime, I stood on the balcony and admired the view, the lawns where immaculate, there were garden beds full of flowers, beautiful trees dotted the area, the estate was green, calm and extremely beautiful.

' I love nature, and this estate is a passion for me.' Phillip said from behind me, noticing that I admired the view. 'I have two full time staff that main the property year round.' I turned to face him, and was surprised that he was smiling to himself, caught in a faraway memory.

' Anyway, I was thinking, this morning didn't start so well, how about we start again? We will be spending a lot of time together so why don't we try and be civil about it?" and he held out his hand.

" I am Phillip Malhotra, 27 and owner and CEO of VL industries."

I took his hand and shook it, his skin was slightly rough but smooth at the same time, and his hands were incredibly warm.

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