chapter 46 - broken hearts

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Victorias POV

How could he? The tears streamed down my face freely and I sobbed inconsolably into  my hands.

"Hey miss are you ok? The cabbie asked as he handed me a pack of tissues.

"No, I just found out my husband has been cheating on me.” I said, choking on my cries. It sounded so strange, so foreign calling Phillip my husband. Bhaiya’s  words echoed in my head. ‘ they are not like us.” And Simmi’s warning.’ He will someone to get it from.” Filled my thoughts.

How could I have been so naive?  So trusting. Nothing that had happened really meant everything to him. And the woman was blond , just like how Angela was blond, he had a type and I was defiantly not it.

It was only two weeks since the forest, I had been so busy studying for the exams, but I still tried to make time for him, it was only a two weeks and yet …… was this what sex did to people?

The cab pulled into the mansion and the driver whistled as he drove down the drive.

“Wow miss, this is a nice place.”

I didn’t say anything and handed him my card to pay for the fare before rushing into the house.

‘ Victoria Ma’am you’re home” Stanford asked a bit surprised.

‘ Stanford, please bring me some bags, I’m leaving.”

‘ But Ma’am, you can’t. What’s happened?”

‘ Yes I can! And what happened? I just walked in on Phillip being fucked by some cheap whore in his office!”

“ oh dear! Its not possible! He has been so devoted to you these past months Are you all right?"

‘ Geez, you of all people should know I don’t joke Stanford! And no I am not alright! I thought he loved me!”

I collapsed onto one of the hall chairs and buried my face into my hands.

‘ I loved him Stanford, I loved him with all my heart and soul and now I just want out, I want to get away.’

‘ If you leave then your parents will lose the hotel.” He said softly sitting next to me and putting his arm around my shoulder.

‘ I cant bear to look at him right now let alone be around him!”

‘ ok, well lets do this, we can move some of your things into another room while you who work things out.  Maybe a little time out would be good for the both of you. You have exams you need to concentrate on and there are too many ears and eyes in this place that are loyal to the senior Mrs Malholtra. The master does love you, I just know it, he hasn't been so happy in years.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

‘ Stanford is she home?” the voice on the other side asked.

“Sir, yes she is right here.”

‘ Don’t let her go anyway, I need to talk to her, to explain.”

‘ I think you have done quite enough sir for the moment, I think some time apart to let things cool down..’

‘ I don’t want your fucking advise Stanford, I need to talk to my wife.”

I grabbed Stanford’s phone and screamed into it

‘ Well you weren’t thinking about your wife when you hand your hands in that bitches pussy!” I threw the phone on the couch and ran, ran down the paths of the gardens, the same paths I would run when I had time, and ran and ran until my lungs hurt and my throat burned and still I kept on running, thick dark clouds filled the sky and the air cooled , lightning streaked across the sky and thunder roared in the heavens above and slowly, drop by drop, the rain fell.

Phillips POV

Why the hell had she come to my office?

I had ended things with her, severed ties with her  and offered her a nice fat cheque to seal the deal.

Why the hell today of all days?

After our last fight it had taken a while to convince Victoria to  come back to my office, to come out to lunch with me. Simmi was right, every thing that hurt her she separated herself from and built up walls.

Today I was going to make the ultimate sacrifice for her, to show her I trusted her completely, and that she could trust me.

And everything was going well, we had been doing so well, even though we were both busy with out own things, everything had been…well…perfect. I had planned the perfect afternoon, the restaurant was booked, appointments cancelled and the plan set.

Until that bitch showed up.

Never ever trust a well paid whore I thought to myself.

Now I sat in a taxi, watching the cars and streets whiz by, never in my life had the journey home felt so long, I was on the edge of my seat, urging the driver to go faster, offering hundreds in tips, only sitting back in my seat when he threatened to throw me out of the taxi as no amount of tips would save his license if he got booked.

When he finally pulled into the entrance I pretty much threw the cash at him and raced up the stairs, the rain coming down hard and cold.

“ Stanford where is she?”

“ Sir. She ran out right after the call. I thought she would be back by now but she hasn’t, I’ve got people reviewing the CCTV footage to see how far she’s gone and also got the grounds men looking for her.”

“ shit in this rain? Why didn’t you stop her?”

“ sir, in my experience, its not wise to lock horns when a woman is that irrationally angry.”

‘ Get everyone searching for her NOW!” I shouted. It was a big property and if she had gone off the paths into the woods, she could be very lost. Those forests were like a illusion, if you didn’t know what to look for, soon one path looked the same  and you could get easily turned around.

I grabbed a rain coat and started to put it on.

“ Sir, that’s not a good idea, if she is upset with you she may not come out if she sees you and in any case you need to be here in case she is found.”

I nodded, Stanford always seemed to have a level head during times of emergency.

One of the ground mens came in with a worried look on his face, said something to Stanford and left.

‘ What is it?”

“ one of the grounds men found a little blood on one of the paths, it looks like she’s fallen and hurt herself a little.’ He said his face ashen.

‘ What is it Stanford?” I asked, he was holding something back.

‘ sir, we need to find her soon, the weather report has just come in and we are expecting frost tonight.”

It seemed like hours, hell it was hours, I spent every minute pacing my office , checking in with the staff if there was any sign of her.


The more time passed, the more anxious I became, where was she? She couldn’t have gotten that far.

‘ Sir, we’ve got her!” one of the voices crackled through.” You better get Dr Brown, she’s in a bad way.”

The golf buggy came to a grinding halt on the gravel drive and on of the grounds man carried her up to the room, she was soaking wet her jeans torn at the right knee , red with blood, but she was unconscious.

I ran to her tapping her cheeks.

‘ Tori baby wake up, please wake up!” I pleaded.

‘ Get out of my way!” Martha shouted as she pushed past the other staff like a freight train on a mission.

“ Get her into the bathroom, Phillip, you get some dry clothes for her, we need to get her warm,”

‘ but ,,,but..”

She chased everyone out of the hall, barking instructions for everyone to dry off, the kitchen staff to  have fresh hot soup made and to clean up the puddles of water that had collected everywhere and shut the door.

‘ hurry bring me those clothes and get the bed warmed up,”

‘ I should help you with her.”

‘ boy, I know you two haven’t started having sex, so I don’t think you should be seeing her naked without her permission.” And she gave me the most serious of stares so I did what I was told . “ oh and Phillip honey?”

“ Yes Martha?”

“ If I find out that what I heard was true, so help me God I will find every method under the sun to make you regret it.” Before she turned to Victoria and whispered:

“ ok Victoria honey, you’re goona help me get you out of these clothes and were going to warm you up in the shower….”

A little while later she was in dry clothes being checked out by Dr Brown.

‘She’s gong to be ok, she’s a little hypothermic but she will wake up when she’s ready.

I’ve got her on some drips and make sure she takes it easy over the next few days.” Dr Brown said after taking Victoria’s blood pressure and hear beat. ‘ let me know as soon as she wakes up but  keep her on the drips and on the monitoring machine.

Her blood pressure is a little low, although, as I said before, she will be fine in her own time. The would on her knee isn’t anything major and I have dressed it lightly.”

I thanked Dr Brown and closed the door behind her, Tori looked so peaceful sleeping, so different from earlier that day, when all you could see was pain, hurt and betrayal in her face and I rubbed my cheek where she had slapped me and I supposed i had deserved it.

It was because of me she was like this.

I crawled into the covers next to her and pulled her close to me.

“ Tori please wake up, please don’t leave me. I love you.” I whispered as I stroked her hair, watching the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed steady, and soon I fell asleep.

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