chapter 35 - sabotage

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The woman that walked into the building at 277 Ocean Drive at precisely 11.30, did so with the familiarity of a long established routine, but with the confidence that no one would stop her.

She was the kind of woman who would always catch your eye for her beauty, but who you would always forget because in her line of work it was only her clients that she wanted to remember her.

She was dressed in a designer coat, a pair of a red lined Christian Louboutin shoes and a discrete and stylish hat covered her well styled bob of blond hair.

Her lips were red, as were the paint on her nails red like the lining of her shoes that was striking against her pale skin.

She nodded to the security guard and stepped into the elevator and when she walked into the doors of Vl Industries she walked straight past the receptionist and into the office of the CEO.

She had a mission today, a very well paid mission, and it only had one outcome.

It was the strong scent of her perfume that announced her entrance to Phillip as she softly closed his office door and he looked up at her as she walked sultry towards him.

“ Melissa? What a nice surprise! What are you doing here?” he said as he looked up from his files.

‘Phillip darling, is that anyway to talk to such an old acquaintance?” she said as she circled him, wrapping her arms around him.

“ I believe that I made it quite clear that I no longer needed this acquaintance."  He said brushing her arms away. “ Please leave and don’t come back. Your services are no longer required.” And returned to the file on his desk.

‘ oh Phillip, don’t be like that, we used to have such fun in this office ......on your desk..... on your couch....on the side cabinet,” she said and spun his chair around, but this time she had removed her coat to reveal that she was completely naked, apart from only the very skimpiest of g strings and she climbed onto him on his chair and straddled him.

‘We used to also have so much fun in this chair if I remember..” she whispered into his ear as she  wrapped her arms around his neck and nibbled his ear lobe before trailing soft kisses down his neck, making sure to leave a good smear of lipstick on his perfectly pressed shirt collar.

She was affecting him, his pupils were dilated and the hard budge in his pants didn’t lie.

‘ What are you doing Melissa?” he said softly, his hands gripping the armrest of his chair.

“ Don’t you miss me darling? You were always one of my favorites.” She said gyrating her hips against his hardness.

She watched the clock on the wall, any minute now, all she had to do was keep him in this position, but he was never this hard to convince and she was usually very good at getting what she wanted.

She grabbed one his hands and forced it between her legs.

“ baby, I’ve missed you , look at what you’ve done to me.” She said as she pushed herself down hard onto his hands, letting her dampness rub onto him. She liked the power, the feeling of being in control, being able to manipulate these stupid men who thought with their cocks the minute they saw a beautiful woman.

And Phillip used to be one of those men.

It got her wet  and she used it to her advantage.

He paid well and tipped better, but today her paycheck was being covered my someone else and they had paid her well to put on a show.

‘ Melissa you need to put your clothes on and leave right now,” he said pulling his hand away, cursing himself why he hadn’t revoked her security pass and told the receptionist not to let her in. but then again, he had been busy with Victoria.

“ Phillip?”  Victoria’s voice was beyond recognizable, on the verge of breaking.

“Tori! Fuck! Its not what it looks like!” he said pushing the nearly naked woman off his lap and racing to the door, but it was too late, Victoria had taken off, sprinting out the double doors and not even waiting for the elevator and heading straight down the stairs.

He ran after her, not caring that he nearly tripped over the stunned Melissa on the floor, shit this girl was fit, he was out of breath after reaching the third floor, but she kept on running.

He managed to catch up to her as she tried to hail a cab.

‘ Tori wait, please wait, its not what is seems.” He said as he grabbed her arm.

She yanked it away from him. ‘ Not what it seems? You had a naked woman on your lap in your office!”

“ She came to me, I didn’t call her!”

‘’ You really expect me to believe you?” her eyes went straight to the lipstick mark on his collar and tears fell from her eyes.

‘ This was all a joke for you wasn’t it? The earrings, the promise? The night in the forest?It was all just sport wasn’t it? Was it just a game to you ? How fast you could convince me to sleep with you? What – did you and Richard have a bet going on or something? You know what, go back to your hire -a- whore and stay the hell away from me.”

“ Tori , please, I meant every word of what I said, I love you!”

Suddenly my ears were ringing as she landed a sharp slap across my face.

“ Love? What do you know about love? Is that lipstick on your shit your love?” she spat her words at me, venom filled her words. She spotted an empty cab and hailed it and got in as soon as it pulled in.

‘ Tori babe, please don’t go, let me explain, let me make her explain, nothing happened!”

“ Don’t fucking call me Tori and don’t ever come near me again. I hate you!” she said as the cab drove off.

Up in the office, Melissa put her coat back on and straightened her hat before she messaged a familiar number.

‘ Its done.” Was all the message said before she grabbed her purse and walked downstairs only to witness the pride bruising slap that Phillip received at the hands of his wife.

She almost felt sorry for him in that moment.

He may have had a real chance with that girl. In this day and age, real integrity was hard to fine and true loyalty was even harder.

She remembered when he had to taken her to lunch and offered her a very nice ‘ severance package’, only a few weeks after his wedding, declaring his wife and marriage was too important to him to ruin by continuing their agreement, she had felt upset, insulteded eve, it was not often one of her clients ended thier relationship with her due to  the wife.  usually it was the other way around but then her phone pinged with a message .

‘ Funds received $100,000 from R Whelan.’ She smiled, all feelings of guilt and remorse gone as she hailed a can and disappeared into the traffic

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