chapter 38 bittersweet goodbyes

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Victoria's POV

It was chaos.

Absolute and pure chaos.

Simmi went nuts, like a wild cat caught in a trap, swearing and kicking, screaming at the top of her lungs while Phillip held her arms behind her trying to keep her from hurting herself.

I was scared. I had never seen her like this. Sure she was wild at the best of times, but now, she teetered on the verge of insanity.

I honesty thought that Phillip would have dragged her out the front door and tossed her outside into the cold night air to sober up.

But thankfully Dr Brown arrived and injected her with a strong sedative which knocked her out instantly, not before earning herself a kick to the thigh from an irate Simmi.

Dr Brown had a look at the contents of Simmi's vomit in the bathtub and was satisfied, there were a few whole pills in there so she wouldn't need her stomach pumped and as we bundled Simmi into bed the ambulance arrived and after a promise of a sizeable donation to the Ambulance service they left after consulting with Dr Brown.

Dr Brown took Simmi's heartbeat and pressure before hooking Simmi back up to the heartbeat monitor as well as the drips, and I flushed the remainder of the pills down the toilet.

This was a disaster and I had no idea what to do.

So I walked to the kitchen to get a drink and stepped outside onto the patio to get some air.

My head was pounding and the events from the evening kept playing over and over in my head. The part with Phillip in bed and the things he had done to me and the cool night air was somewhat calming.

'"hey you. I've been looking for you" Phillip said as he slipped his arms around me and kissed my neck softly.

" And I've been thinking of you." Something about what he was doing had an effect of unlocking my tongue.

' So have I. Are you ok?"

" dunno."

" wanna talk about it?" he said with a twinkle in his eye. " or better still , I can make you forget about everything...."

I took a deep breath. This was not a conversation I thought I would ever have to have. I always thought it was always going to be implied or that he would just know. I turned to face him and pulled away from him, crossing my arms in front of me.

" Phillip...about earlier..."

" don't tell me you regret it...because you certainly didn't act like you didn't enjoy it..I don't regret it."

" its not that....i don't regret it...its just I need you to slow down, slow down a lot."

" what do you mean?"

" are you really that dense? Remember when I told you that I had never had a boyfriend?"

He nodded.

'yeah well, it also means that before you, I had never been kissed before and never know..."

The color drained from his face slightly and a look of horror covered his face. He pulled me into his arms again and kissed my forehead.

' Tori I didn't realize. I thought ...well most women your age are already experienced...and....oh god, no wonder you act so shy around me...and I took it way to far today didn't I?'

I nodded.

Its not that I didn't want him to kiss me. I wasn't ready for sex just yet. And certainly not on the same day as my first kiss.

'The kiss was amazing, everything else was amazing but I'm not ready to go further than that so fast. Its always something I thought that I would have with the man I married.....'

' are you seriously kidding me? We are married Tori."

" you know what I mean, this , no matter how good it gets, wont last forever..." I didn't get a chance to say anything else because his lips were on mine again, kissing me hard, one arm holding tight and the other keeping me from pulling away, do I didn't and let myself get seduced by his kiss and how it made me feel, kissing him back and he pushed me back until my back hit a wall and he grabbed my legs and hoisted me up so that I straddled him, locking my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck while he rubbed his hardness against me.

' I am never letting you go.' He whispered before he turned his attention to my neck again. I was lost in everything he was doing and tilted my head back to give him more access but this time his kisses wernt soft and gentle. They where firm and rough as he kissed and sucked my neck.

'Sir?.....Sir?...Dr Brown is looking for you about her bill....Oh my god I am so sorry!' Anne walked onto the patio and rushed back inside when she saw us.

" I need to go and write a cheque." He said giving me a small kiss on the lips before letting me down.

I felt flushed and winded, my head was spinning and my heart was racing. He brushed some hair away from my neck before rubbing his thumb along the soft skin. ' you might want to change your top."

I raced to the nearest mirror and there on my neck were a few dark welts.

I groaned. He had given me a hicky!

I spent that night with Simmi, not wanting for her to be alone when she needed someone the most, and not trusting myself or what would happen if I shared a bed with Phillip that night and woke with a tired body and a slight headache.

It was Monday, where the hell did the weekend go? I left like I had been forgotten at a theme park on a non stop rollarcoaser ride.

Simmi was still sleeping, I would deal with her later but for now I needed to get ready for uni and slipped slowly out of the bed and walked back to my room.

I had expected to see Phillip still sleeping, except the bed was empty apart from a suitcase that was on top of it.

" Hey Tori baby, you're up!" he said coming out of the walk in wardrobe with a handful of clothes.

"your'e leaving?' I asked almost panicking. Was he that mad that I had chosen not to come to bed last night?

He folded the clothes neatly and placed them into the suitcase.

" relax babe, its only for a few days, there is a beachside land opportunity that has come up and I want to see its viability for a possible future hotel site. I'd take you with me but with Simmi the way she is...'

I breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't upset with me.

' oh by the way, I got Dr Brown to write you and Simmi sick sheets for University. Gastro so you're off for the next few days." He shut the suitcase and zipped it up. "see you in a few days." He said, kissing my forehead. " don't miss me too much!"

Miss him? Hell he hadn't even walked out the door and I already missed him.

"Phillip?" I called as he walked past me and as soon as he turned I threw my arms around him and kissed him as fiercely as I could, holding him to me as tight as I could. " I miss you already, have a safe trip." I said as I placed my head on his chest and hugged him tight before I let him go to leave

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