chapter 40 the highs and the lows

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Victoria's POV

‘You’re going to love Richard, he’s such a great guy.” Phillip said as he laced his hands though my fingers and kissed the. It was becoming a habit of his. Another habit he was developing was finding random places to kiss me.

Setting and keeping to ground rules was harder done than said.

It had been two weeks since the day he kissed me and the pillow wall had been well and truly demolished and I had spent a few uncomfortable nights getting used to him holding me in his arms to sleep, although true to his word he was a perfect gentleman. 

Although I cant say the same for myself and after a few very heated make out sessions I wondered what it would be like to go further than just kissing. But I had made a promise to myself, I was already in over my head with Phillip and exams were only two months away, no sex until after the exams.

I needed into the top 3% of the class to ensure I would get in internship at one of the top firms who would sponsor my CA, and that was the priority.

As we sat in the car I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat. Phillip had enlisted the help of a make over master and I had been plucked and waxed to an inch of my life. My dead straight hair had been teased and curled and my makeup professionally done to the point I didn’t even recognise myself in the mirror.

But it was the dress. It was a beautiful strappy dress that hugged my figure , showed off my cleavage but flared around my legs and it had a huge slit that came up quite high on my thigh.

And right now it was pissing me off because no matter how elegantly I tried to sit the soft material would slip and expose way to much of my leg.

‘ You know you look amazing in that dress.” Phillip said unlacing his fingers and placing his hand softly on my thigh. Except his hand didn’t stop there.

His fingers trailed upwards to the edge of the hem and then slowly up my inner thigh and my breath hitched as they moved further and further upwards until they made contact with the front of my lace g string and his fingers started rubbing the material.

I felt this heat build in me, as his fingers rubbed the soft material ever so slightly, I felt so uncomfortable down there, so tight, like compressed spring, I felt that familiar dampness build and my clit was hot and throbbing.

I knew I was bright red and I gripped his forearm, my breathing hot and heavy, erratic, I wanted him to stop but at the same time not wanting him to, whatever he was doing it felt so good, dangerously delicious, but so good.

I wondered how he could drive and keep a straight face at the same time.

But he kept on going, his fingers never slowing down, instead them pressed on me harder and harder, I shut my eyes and gripped his arms harder as the feeling in my core became more and more intense with every stroke, tighter, harder and I shifted to allow him more access and suddenly it was like an explosion had gone off and I was consumed with waves of intense pleasure that washed over me and I couldn’t help as a loud moan escaped my lips as he kept on pushing me harder and harder, each spasm of pleasure taking me over completely.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???  Every nerve in my body felt alive, my skin felt supersensitive and I felt, I don’t know how I felt but it was wonderful.

He slipped his hand out of my dress and laced his fingers through mine again as I tried to regain my composure and kissed them slowly again,

“ Now you know what the fuss is all about.” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

Staying away from this man was going to be harder then ever .

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