chapter 11 -a gift or a curse?

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After the first dramatical start to my married life, I wish I could say that things settled down after that, but sadly it didn't.

Leena and Vimlesh only planned to stay for a few more days before leaving for India.

Leena chose to stay at her hotel in the city while my father in law decided that Phillips mansion was more suited to him and I was tasked to keep him company which I didn't mind.

It gave me something to do.

So for the next couple of days I would wake up before Phillip and have a shower, and then disappear to the kitchen to help Martha with breakfast. Partly because I wanted to and partly because I didn't like how the way Phillip walked around in his towel affected me.

I had never had a great interest in guys, I was always too busy working. The one time I tried to date a guy it ended in absolute disaster and as for the hotel guests, whenever there was a guy remotely my age around the place my mother was on me like a hawk and banished me to the kitchen.

So for the next few days I spent hours cooking for my father in law, reading him the paper and discussing the news and going for runs , well jogs really, Vimlesh was not the most fit of men and generally keeping him occupied and it kept me busy, it also helped me from thinking about my own parents so much.

But as the night came and everyone went to bed, and as I curled into a ball on my couch, my tears of loneliness would fall and I would quietly cry myself to sleep, even though I could feel Philips cold eyes burning a hole into my back.

It didn't matter if his family had taken everything away from me, and held my entire family at randsom, I was determined to make it through the next three years unscathed.

Except when he looked at me , it felt like little butterfiles had invaded my stomach and I knew that as much determined as I was, some thing were easier said than done.

And it seemed at that my efforts with my father in law didn't go unnoticed, because the day he was due to leave he came to breakfast with a small blue velvet box in his hands.

'I have a gift for you bahuu." He said smiling as he handed me the box.

Opening it was a gold chain, connected to a floral pendant with a central clear gen that I assumed was a cubic zirconia, flanked by red gems. It was beautiful and even though it was obviously old, it was eternally classic.

"This belonged to Phillips Agi ( grandmother), she passed away when he was a baby. She would have loved for you to have it."

"Thank you , its beautiful, but I cant accept it. This marriage, its really only a convience ..."

" I don't care why you got married, all I know is that you are my daughter in law, and that is that." He took the box from my hands.

" The sindoor, the manga sutra are all the physical representations of marriage, but you have made your vow around the hawan, made a vow to the gods and I truly think that you and Phillip are a match made in the heavens. I couldnt have asked for a more beautiful and caring girl for my son, and here you are!'

He took the necklace out of the box and handed it to a bewildered Phillip.

' Put this on your wife.' There was no room for argument, so I pulled my hair to the side and allowed Phillip to put the necklace on, his fingers brushing my skin as he did the claps, and a swear I felt a slight electric shock.

But this little moment didn't last long and in her true style, Leena came strutting through the door, with her designer bag and expensive shoes, I was surprised that she didn't have a little yippee dog in that bag.

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