chapter 17 the threat

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It had been truly a testing week.

Phillip had responded to my destruction of his bathroom in kind.

He had used my loofa, my shower gel for his shower, and had walked out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around him, strutting about while using my toothbrush.

It was bad enough that he paraded around the room in just a towel - my towel, but it wasnt as thick as his plush expensive towels and did little to provide him any modesty and I couldn't help notice the buldge that protruded under it.

I was mortified when he caught me staring but all he did was give me an evil grin and said

' I was in boarding school for the better part of my childhood and a fraternity in university, there's almost mothing you could do to shock me."

The next morning he did a 360 on me again.

He practically dragged me out of the car, as I yelled in protest, grabbed my worn out duffel and tipped the contents out before grabbing one of the brand new designer knapsacks and shoved it into my arms.

"I expect you to use it, tomorrow if you are not wearing some clothes from your new wardrobe I will burn all your old clothes."

" You can't! You wouldn't!" I cried out, frustrated to my core throwing the back pack at him.' I can't use this bag! It probably costs more than my car!"

' Yes I will, and you are using the bag." He grabbed my old duffel and pulled at the strap, which gave way under the force. ' now you have no choice! Now give me your purse"

' This is not fair! I don't want any of this! And what do want with my purse"

' Just give me the purse! Whether you want it or not they are yours and if you are coming to lunch with me you need to dress like my wife. Besides I told your dad I would take care of you and I intend to do just that, despite your stubbornness." And he started stuffing the contents of my old duffel onto the new one.

I sighed in defeat, there was nothing I could do now and besides, I had needed a new duffel for ages so I grabbed the bag from him and started to pick up my stuff from all over the floor, found my purse and held it tight, not wanting to give it to him.

' Please don't do anything to my purse, I know its not exactly designer but my mum gave it to me for my 21st birthday....."

He nodded and took out a shiny black credit card and handed it to me. Printed at the bottom was my name. Mrs Victoria Singh Malholtra.

" There's a 25k limit on the card. I expect you to use it if you need anything, no more second hand books and no more cheap cafes."

This was too much and I was on the verge of crying again.

' Why are you doing this? You don't need to do any of this, its not your job to look after me !"

' Last I checked that signature on our marriage certificate meant that it is, and I just told you, I promised your dad. Besides, how were you planning on supporting yourself?"

'I kinda figured that I would start taking some sandwiches and instant noodles and maybe try and get a part time job on campus."

Why was he doing this now? We were going to be late.

' Really sandwiches and waiting tables? Did you really think I would allow any of that? What exactly did you think you were getting into when you married me?"

I couldn't answer. I didn't know. I got married to save my family, but who would be saving me?

My whole life I was taught to behave, not to make a scene, to do as I was told, ot to answer back and argue. now I felt powerless, thrown into a marriage to a man I had nothing in comon with, into society that I knew nothing about.

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