chapter 20 - fury

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" i want that fucking bitch out of your house now!" mother screamed from her side of the phone. She had not taken the Balaji deal well at all.

I ignored her calling Victoria a bitch, but mothers attitude towards Victoria was getting on my nerves.

" Mother what did you do to Sheela that she wants to cross you so badly?" I asked, trying to stay as calm as possible.

' I dunno, ask that little witch and her jadoo, she and that bitch Sheela are best friends now right? Tennis games and brunch! Hmph! In all my years of networking she never asked me to brunch, and we are on the same social committee!"

" Mother, what did you do?' i asked her in a tone that meant I wasn't joking.

I was conflicted. This deal would be very good for my company, my mother would hate the fact she had been passed over but it would stay in the family - if my mother would agree to what Victoria had asked on the way home.

What she had asked left like someone had stabbed me in the stomach, twisted the knife then yanked it out. I didn't expect to feel it, after all, I had only known this girl for three , almost four weeks!

'nothing!....well I may have called her dog a barking rat...she has one of those Chihuahua things."

' And this is why you lose investors so easily." I told her matter of factly.

' hey that girl better be thankful I have the Hilton group over here wanting us to build a new Hotel complex in Goa or I would be on the next plane out to throw her out of your house myself,

and what the hell were you thinking putting her in your room? You have ten other rooms available, didn't I warn you about her? She is only after your money, nothing more.

Those idiot parents of hers, jumped at the opportunity to marry her off to a wealthy family!"

' After you paid off a loan for them and demanded their hotel as a dowry. Really mother, how could you? You have so much money you could buy that hotel ten times over. What was so special about that place?"

' never you mind about that, well it will be mine in the end.."

'mother, Victoria asked me something and I think you want to hear it."

"what does that bajaru want now?"

' She's asked that if she takes the contract as part of a shell company being a very minor shareholder, would you release the hotel back to her parents, draw up a proper loan and allow us to annul the marriage?

It would all be done quietly and once the build is well underway she would transfer you the shares and give up her position as director."

' annul? Like divorce? Are you mad? Sheela already has someone spying on you from inside your own house and you want to get a divorce, bad enough you almost married that gorah girl you were dating, what was her name? Angel....Anne...?

" Angela mum,"

' that's beside the point! You haven't even signed the papers and that little witch is talking divorce.

What will happen when the Balaji's find out you are divorced after only a month of marriage?

They will pull out of this deal faster than you can imagine and leave you high and dry.

The rumour factory here churn out all sorts of bullshit and both your reputation and mine will be ruined.

As it was your father and I paid a small fortune in bribes to keep the newspapers to stop them running your dunked pictures all over the first page."

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