chapter 36 the hangover

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Victorias POV

' I thought I could handle this., I told myself that if this happened I would be stronger, that I wouldn't let him get to me." Simi said as she lay next to be in bed, her head was on my chest and I stroked her hair as I cradled her. Hot fat heavy tears dropped down her face.

'you know I only started dating him for the fun of it.

But then he started talking about marriage and kids and a home with a lawn and a dog and it got to me. It wasn't supposed to be something permanent, I knew no matter what happened, in the end I would end up with someone if my parents choice.

But what he said, he was so sweet and I fell. Hard you know!

And oh my god, I nearly killed you last night. I don't remember it all, but I remember almost falling off the building, and you caught me...

Hang on, did I puke in Philips car?"

I nodded.

' He's gonna kill me, worse, he's going to think I'm an incapable drunk!" she groaned.

' its ok, we caught it all in a trash bin we stole from your building.' I reassured her, although if we hadn't, I am sure that Stanford would have already had the car valeted by now.

The heartbeat and blood pressure monitor beeped softly and there was a dripline attached to her left arm. Phillip had arranged Dr Brown to attend to Simmi the minute we got home. She was dehydrated and very drunk, but otherwise fine and I thought the machinery was a bit over the top.

She had slept the whole night and the better part of the day but at last had woken, with a very bad hangover and a very broken heart.

And I had stayed by her side, even though I deeply wanted to go to my own room, back to Phillip. Something had happened, had started between us, but as much as I wanted to be with him, Simmi needed me more.

' how's the patient today?" Dr Brown breezed in with a file and a clipboard. She took Simmi blood pressure and temperature. Simmi just looked at me amazed and mouthed ' OH MY GOD!".

" Well, you will make a full recovery, I will remove the drip line now although you are still rather dehydrated, and here are some sedatives to help you sleep. No more than two at a time and no more than four per day. There's about a weeks supply here. When you feel up to it ry and eat something but otherwise just rest as much as you can. I'll be back in about an few hours or so." She scribbled down something on her clipboard and left.

"You have a private doctor?" Simmi asked in amazement. 'And this room, check out how big this room is! Its probably bigger than my apartment!"

I couldn't help smiling at my friend, it was the same feeling that I had when I first walked into the place. It was also one that scared me, how I had gotten used to so much opulence, so much decadence so fast.

'Dr Brown is Phillips doctor and you should see the bathrooms!" I said smiling.

' oi what happened to you?" she asked pointing at the dressing on my neck.

' Got mugged at the Kashmiri Bazaar yesterday. ' I watched the color drain from her face. "He stole Philips car, well one of them at least, but its ok, we got it back."

' fuck! No wonder you didn't answer my calls!" she pulled back the blankets and swung her legs over the side of the bed, and held her head as she tried to get up, wobbling as she took a few unsteady steps.

' oi you stubborn woman, let me help you." I yelled at her half laughing as well.

' ok but hurry up, I need to take a piss, and I need to get out of this god awful patialla suit."


"man, I think I just died and went to heaven.' She said when she walked out of the bathroom. She had had a shower and changed and was looking a lot better. "This place is amazing."

I was glad, at least the new surroundings were taking her mind off her ex boyfriend.

'Lunch is here!" one of the maids called Anne called as she rolled a food cart into the room.

It smelt delicious and I realized that nether of us had had any breakfast.

"Anne, did Phillip have breakfast today?"

"No Ma'am, he has been particularly cross today."

' Whose been cross today?" Phillip asked as he strode into the room. He was freshly shaven, wearing a fitted t shirt that showed off his muscular defintion and track pants. He looked so hot and I couldn't help staring.

' No one!" I said and motioned for Anne to leave. If Phillip was angry about something, it was probably because of something I had done and I didn't want him to take it out on the staff. ' Join us for lunch? Anne said you haven't had breakfast.'

" and its almost 2 o'clock and I haven't had lunch either, so no wonder I'm grumpy" he walked up to me and pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

' I missed you last night, I couldn't sleep without you being here." He whispered into my ears.

' I know, I missed you too, but Simmi needed me....can we not do this now? I don't want her to get upset." Out of the corner of my eye I could see Simmi trying to look away and I could see fresh tears in her eyes, she was trying not to be upset.

' ok, but after lunch you are coming with me." He said.

' Phillip...I cant...Simmi..."

' Simmi has had her fair share of time with you, besides, she will want to go back to sleep after lunch if she can keep the food down. I will have one of the maids come sit with her.

I need you to myself for a little bit."

I nodded and he kissed my head again, finally letting me go, but when he did, I wished that he hadn't.

' oi whats for lunch? Simmi asked lifting up the silver food dome and the smell of pumpkin soup and fresh bread filled the air. There was something about food to always get Simmi into a better mood and we all sat down to eat.

It was heartbreaking leaving Simmi, but she said she needed to sleep and took a sedative as we left, well more like as Phillip dragged me out of her room and down the hall and into our bedroom.

" slow down!" I protested wanting to know what all the rush was all about and as the door slammed shut I was in his arms again as he held me tight in a hug.

' Whats wrong?" I asked as I felt some tension leave his body.

' what's wrong? In the past 48 hours you put me into my worst possible nightmare, give the best afternoon I've had in a long time, were mugged and nearly killed, rescued your drunk friend from a possible family honor killing, nearly fell off a roof and on top of that you didn't come to bed last night and I didn't sleep a bit and you ask me whats wrong?

Just lie with me today - for a bit please? No pillow barrier. I just want to hold you and sleep for a bit."

And it hit me, what had happened in the past 48 hours and I realized that I had been reacting to the things that happened around me and hadn't processed anything.

I could have died.


And twice he had saved me.

I didn't know when the tears started, but I felt the softness of his touch as he wiped them away, picked me up and put me into our bed and pulled me close again as he covered us with the duvet. I guess I was more tired than I realized because before long I was asleep with my head resting on his chest, lulled to sleep my his heartbeat and his warmth.

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