chapter 44 the makeup

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An hour later I was sitting on a picnic blanket in front of a makeshift bonfire in the middle of some random forest watching Phillip setup a picnic and pour out some pink sparking wine.

“ its Moscato, so its very light.” he said as he poured the glass.

I thanked him as he handed me a glass and took a sip, “ and very sweet too.” I said.” What’s so special about this place?”

“ well, I bought this land a few years ago with the intent on building a home here with my wife, a place to raise a family when the time is right.”

“ oh….ok…” the revelation caught me off-guard. As much as I wanted kids, I had never thought about him wanting a family.
“ are you not having any? ” I asked as I sipped the wine.

He shook his head. ‘ Well, I still need to drive us back and after watching how you handle a sports car I won't take my chances on you driving the bike.”

I suppose I should have been offended but considering that I had driven very badly that night, I didn’t take heed. He was right, I wouldn’t trust me on a bike!

I stretched out my legs and leaned back, taking small sips out of my glass, finally allowing myself to relax.

“Here, try this,“ Phillip said handing me a little cracker topped off with tiny black pearls.

It was the most unusual taste, the pearls popping in my mouth exquisitely.

‘ That is the finest sturgeon caviar. Good isn’t it?” he said and I nodded in agreement. This was a long way from the cheese and snax crackers that I used to eat with my parents.

We spent a good while trying out the goodies that was in the picnic, including smoked oysters, cheeses, feta in truffle infused oil, olives, gherkins and preserved jalapenos and smoked chicken, but what I did notice was missing from this cold spread were sausages, hams and most other preserved meats,  and almost as if he had read my mind.

‘  I gave them up.” He said simply.

“ Gave what up?” I asked, not entirely sure I understood what he was saying.

“ Beef and pork. I haven’t eaten them since we started being together.”

“ what? Seriously?” I asked. I was amazed, it was a huge lifestyle change.

‘ Its actually not that hard, the hardest part is the smell of bacon or roast pork, and I do miss a good steak, but Martha has been cooking such wonderful alternatives, not to mention that she, Stanford and Simmi all threatened to make my life miserable if I didn’t make things right with you, I guess its something I can live with as a permanent change.”

“ So all of this wasn’t your idea?” suddenly Simmi’s disappearing act made sense and I mentally reminded myself to thank her.

‘ It was, hell trust me, those three didn’t need to threaten to make my life any more miserable, it already was without you there. I just needed the right motivation. Martha has been scowling at me all week and Stanford literally hasn’t spoken me at all. And Simmi, don’t get me started on Simmi! Man, I fell sorry for the guy who marries her.”

I smiled, Simmi was the best.

‘ Well I am glad that they got you motivated,” I said as I leaned my head onto his chest and sipped my drink, watching the flames of the fire dance towards the sky which was now turning from deep violet to black. There was something about this moment that was just too perfect, but there was something that I needed to do, and it would probably ruin the moment.

“ hey Phillip?’ I started tentatively.

‘ umm hmm?” he asked, as he brushed aside my hair and nuzzled my neck, a place that he knew was very sensitive  an in a way that was very distractive, soon he was kissing my neck, slowly, softly, nibbling slightly and kissing, his hands slipped up my top  and  in a second my bra was unhooked and his hands were on my breasts, pinching and rubbing my nipples in the most erotic way.

‘you were saying something?” he whispered.

But I didn’t hear him, lost in everything that he was doing to me, the indescribable pleasures he endured my body to, the way his fingertips ran over my skin,  the mix of pleasure and slight pain as he went from caressing my skin to slightly pinching my nipples, harder and harder as my moans echoed into the dark of the forest around us. But there was something, this building tension, like I wanted more, I needed more.

His hands slowly slid down my pants and unbuttoned my jeans and he slid them down slightly.

Shocked I tried to pull his hands away.

“ I won’t do anything unless you tell me to.” He whispered as she slid his hands into my undies, his fingers parting me down there and he started rubbing against my hot throbbing clit.

What I was feeling was indescribable and I arched my back and leaned my head back in pleasure, my moans became louder as his fingerers worked me, harder and harder and I instinctively spread my legs wider and he slowly slipped a finger into me. It stung a little and the feeling was strange and new, but it felt good.

‘ oh baby, you are so wet,” whispered into my hair as he rubbed and rubbed, he had moved so that he was behind me and I was in-between his legs, then slowly the sensations changed and became more intense before I was lost, riding the waves of the orgasm that sent my mind reeling.

I almost felt disconnected from myself, all that mattered in that moment what his hands were doing as he kept on working my clit, I didn’t even register the cries of pleasure that escaped from my lips, calling out his name and begging him not to stop but suddenly he pulled away, slid around in front of me and yanked off my jeans, before he pulled my legs apart again and bent his head down between my legs.

“ Phillip!’ I almost screamed in shock, what was he doing?

But I couldn’t say anything else as his tongue came into contact with my wet folds, hot and thirsty for his touch. He licked slowly, dragging his tongue across my folds slowly, then parting me , licking my opening before teasing my clit, with slow rounded movements.

I was frozen, not out of fear, but out of pure pleasure, I was propped up on my elbows, watching what he was doing, excited, aroused, nervous but also afraid. How far was going to far?

He came up and kissed me on the lips, and I could taste myself on him.

“ Don’t worry, out first time together won’t be here, now lie back.” He whispered and headed south again, licking me hard .
It wasn’t long before I was lost again in he grips of another orgasm, my cries piercing the night sky with only Phillip and the woodland creatures to hear it.

We lay on the blanket in each others arms after that, in the warmth of the fire and in the warmth of each other, there was kissing, a lot of kissing, but thankfully my pants were back on, after everything  he done to me, if he had tried to go all the way I don’t think I would have been in the right state of mind to say no, not that I think I wanted to say no.

‘ how was it?’ he asked?

“ amazing.” I muttered back. I was all of a sudden very sleepy.

‘ hmm, one day when you are ready I  am going to bring you back to these woods and make love to you under the stars.”

I blushed hard. It could have been tonight.

“ why didn’t you?” I asked quiet.

“ make love to you? Trust me, I want to, but here’s the thing,”  he said a he  paused, trying to find the right words, ‘ you’re the first woman in my life who’s so innocent, I want to be your first everything and your last everything, the first kiss, the only man you will ever kiss, and the only man you will every make love to, so I will wait for the day you ask me to take you to bed.”

His words caught me badly, a lump formed in my throat,and a few tears fell as I kissed him softly of the lips. It was more than I could ever home for.

“ I just want to get over the exams, they are only eight weeks away..”

“ I can live with that.” He said smiling. ‘ Now shall we get home? Martha will be waiting to find out if we have made up and I dare say I think we have.”

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