The Prince was shocked by what the Princess said.

Prince: "By any chance, Is this palace your home?"

Princess: "H-Hai. But we can't use the main way in the Palace. We might get caught. I know some shortcuts or hidden way, perhaps..."

Then the Prince search for some weapon for offense and think of a plan to escape faster and easy. A few minute had passed already but still he can't think of a plan.

Princess: "Umm... I have a plan. We're both going to look the opposite way, that way, we can be more careful if there's an enemy in each others back. I'm scared, though... "

The Prince was pleased of her plan and smiled,

Prince: "Daijobu. I promise I'll protect you. You don't need to worry about it. I might not look at it but I had experience swordmanship. I'm strong! Just lead me the way. Here. Let's hold hands until we get out of here. Be sure not to let go. Let's go now." 

As the plan starts, they slowly opens the door and look around. Luckily, no ones there. As plan, the girl leads the way. Every turn they will check if there's someone around. Their almost at the exit, unfortunately someone saw them. It's one of the mastermind's men. The Prince and Princess noticed the guy and made a run for it. The guy immediately report it to his master, Eomer-sama. Eomer-sama stood up and told his men to wait for him until he returns. He looks like he has a plan. He goes where the two is. The two was already outside but not so far away. Still, Eomer-sama catch up with them and then they meet again... The terror and sadness face of the two and the never-ending smile of the enemy... 

What will be their fate? their fate lies on Chapter 7... 

to be continued...

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