The kids shockingly watching. They are too afraid, being speechless and unable to fight with just little bodies and innocent minds. The man happily torturing their parents. An hour and a half had passed and the massacre as well as the torturing continues. The Princess couldn't bare the situation anymore and closed her eyes. The man saw it and intentionally slap her in the face but couldn't. The Prince protected her, despite that their both suffering.

Prince: "I won't let you hurt her.  Touch her and you'll regret it. If you want to do it, do it to me!" ...strongly said.

Man: "Oh yah~ Acting tough, young boy? Then if you want it, have it!!"

...continuing slapping the boy everywhere. The man stopped and continue the torture. The Prince got a lot of bruise as a result.

Prince: "I won't ask you if you're okay 'cause I know you're not. Don't worry, while we're here I won't let them hurt you. Don't cry. Soon, everything will be over. There's an end to everything."

...he whispered to the Princess. The Princess just nods and tries to think of the situation. 

After two hours, the torture stopped. Their parents were killed brutally and slowly. The Princess shed tears silently. The Prince acts tough despite all that for the Princess. His comforting her knowing she's a girl and boys have to protect girls no matter what. His action and expression looks so tough but his eyes can't lie. 

Man: "Now, it's done! Oh? You're crying? is it because the shows so good that you couldn't help it?! Is it that good? Well, I've got something to do. See you kids later. Oh! and don't forget my face, and don't think of getting out of here or getting revenge." slowly leaves the room.

The Prince got angry but still comforts the girl telling her not to listen to the man. 

The man tells his people to take a rest and continue the massacre the next day leaving the people in terror, sadness and mixed emotions. 

to be continued...

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