It was a bright and peaceful afternoon. 

Lelouch looks very happy to go outside the Palace after a huge and many pile of works, though she doesn't show it in her expression. She looks serious but in the inside, she's very happy. 

She plan on going to the forest to rest and do some fun stuffs there, as always. She first look in the country, it seems like they're done with their works. The people happily greeted her and she also greeted them back. She smile a bit but not kind of obvious. 

--- Hime~ You didn't change your outfit. As always, you're all covered. You didn't even wear such cute and lovely clothes like a Princess would. I think it'll fit you perfectly. *smiles*

--- That's right, Hime. By the way, Hime are you going to the forest again?

Lelouch: Hai. I'm going again there for some rest. And regading to my outfit, you'll see me wearing those kind of clothes soon. 

--- Really? yyaahh~ I'm so excited!!!

Lelouch: Well then, minna... I'll be going. *Goodbye Wave*

--- Be careful, Hime!

 The people didn't know anything about the power and the lost of her memory yet. Though, they know that there were been power that been the talk of the world way back then. The Prince doesn't want to tell them about it, though. And, the Princess is planning to tell them about it soon when she thinks it's the right time. 

Ofcourse, their family members or servants knows all about it but doesn't know anything regarding the lost of her memories. 

Moving on, the Princess rested at the forest. She have a small wooden house there made by Obi. She goes there whenever she wants to rest. After an hour, she finally regain some energy and decided to look around at the forest. Then, she heard something, the sound of branches and leaves of trees like there's been jumping around it. She's quietly listening to it and following it through sound. She thinks it's Obi....

After a while, Obi decided to show up. 

Obi: Yo, Hime~ Done with the works already?

Lelouch: Sort of... Anyway, I heard you helped Morg-san do some paper works~ *teasing him* 

Obi: Well, I kind of bored at that time. Everyones working then unluckily Mitsuhide saw me and ordered me to do it... I had no choice. By the way, let's go to your basement... 

Lelouch: Ohh I see. Well, it doesn't change the fact that you work. ... Anyway, why do you want to go there?

Obi: Hmm... Nothing~ 

Lelouch: I kind of bored so let's go there~

Obi: Yosh! 

They both goes to where Lelouch's basement is. This is where she do some of her private activities such as playing video games, net surfing and so on... 

The basement stated will be revealed at the next chapter :)

to be continued...

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