The next the sky brightens, all of them saw the clear output of what happened in the country for just a few hours. The country's filled with dead bodies, burned houses, scattered stuff toys of kids, and hiding people full of terror and sadness in their face. They couldn't even breath properly, some are wounded, lost their minds, and become mute. The shocked had affect them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not even knowing why all of that happened. 

At the Palace, the two chidren were forced to remain there not knowing until when. No one even know or care to search nor help them. 

The mastermind and his group are having a feast at the Palace. They were a terrorists, criminals, and unimaginable strongest enemy anyone could face. Each of them has powers that none of them can bare. They are a total of eight people including the mastermind. All wearing white clothes.

Start of their conversation, :

--- "Eomer-sama, what do you want us to do with the rest? Should we torture them for a few hours like the King and Queen you killed last night?" asked by one of his people.

--- "That's too boring. We should leave them be for a while. That way, they will have mixed mind and think a lot of things to survive. Then they will think of Hope then we will kill them after that." suggest by his other people.

Then the suggestions are being said...

The Prince and the Princess remain silent at this time. After a while the Prince said,

Prince: "Hime, let's escape here and now. If we continue here, we will just go insane. I will tell you honestly, on this nightmare, no one will come and save us. Infact, no one would even care for that anymore. They might be thinking we died. We can't wait here and do nothing until they comeback. Because the next time they comeback, we might be killed. No one knows. I want you to understand this. No need to panic. Just calm down. We need to survive at the very least..."

The Princess accept it and told the Prince that she knows the way out....

to be continued...

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