All of them suddenly became confused because of what the Prince had said. With this kind of situation, the young Prince should be very depressed, down, at lost of words and have mixed emotions, but it's not.

--- "We all know that you have a royal blood and kind of responsible for these but you're still very young. You're not yet in the age where you can do this kind of things. Aren't you a bit shock?" Then the Prince responds...

Prince: "Ofcourse, I'm shocked, tired, very depressed and have a lot of thoughts coming to my mind. Our parents were killed right in front of us. We couldn't done anything at that time. BUT, my parents told me something before we were captured. That is to THINK before you ACT and stay strong. They also mentioned about leaving the country to me. So that's what I'm doing right now. I have no other choice but to keep on living for the sake of my parent's wish and for the country.First things first. Let's all clean these for now...."

They were impressed and decided to just do it.

At the moment, the Princess remain silent. Wonder why... The Prince noticed it and ask...

Prince: " Are you okay, Hime? You don't talk much since we came out of the Palace. You must be tired. Join the other children and take a rest." The Princess respond,

Princess: " I... I can't remember anything anymore.. about my past life. All of it.. I can't remember it. I only remember all the things happened last night and now. I also know who I am." and so she said it with teary eyes.

The Prince can't believe what he just heard and got angry. He thinks it's something to do with the enemy. He then said to the Princess,

Prince: "We can't talk about it here. Come. I know a place where no one knows and very refreshing. Let's make it our meeting place. Let's go." and then smile.

The Princess follow him with no doubt since she find him trustworthy.

Where could that "meeting-place" be? (Chapter 9: Meeting Place; A Garden?) 

to be continued...

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