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As the nightmare continues... A young girl from a royal family is walking as this continue. At a very young age (6 yrs. old),  she's in a great shock! She saw the people being killed, begging for their lives, and her country being in the midst of fire and bloods scathered all over the place. She can't believe all of it. Her eyes turned blank unable to shed tears, speechless and can't even run. 

The mastermind saw her walking unconciously in the middle of the road. The man realized she was the Princess he's looking for. He took her , take her to the castle and bring her inside of a room where her Parents (King & Queen) are there with another royal family. One of them is also a kid, a Prince. A year older to the girl. They were all tied up. Their parents were wearing headphones so that they can't hear them crying, shouting or making any noise or even know they were there. Their eyes are binded so that they can't see them. Only there mouth aren't tied up. They can't even call for help. Unable to bare the situation, the Princess speaks, "You're a bad man. What have you done to my parents? I'm scared... Oka-san Oto-san ... Help!" she shouted and cried. 

What will happen now? It's a total mess and no ones coming to save the country. Will there be survivors? The enemy's names are still unknown.

to be continued... 

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