They faced each other with different emotions. One is having fun, one is sad, scared and can't speak and one is angry, and want revenge. The three of them look at each other.

Man: "Haven't I told you two not to get out of the room and try not to get REVENGE? You look pale, young girl. What's the matter? and you young boy, you got guts. Hmm... This is boring~ Fine. You're free now. We'll leave this country. But, don't think this nightmare will never happened again. One day, when you get strong, find us. That is if you want to get revenge. Live with full of terror and sadness! Buhahaha... "

...leaving them two outside, and going back to his men.

Man: "Let's go, my men. We're leaving this country. No complaints." And they all leave as said. 

They leave the country immediately as he said. The people saw it and still feels uneasy. The Prince and the Princess meet with the people. The people realized they're from the Royal Family.

--- "Oh! Aren't they from the Royal Family? So not all of them died, huh'. We still have hope." Everyone's having the same thoughts.

--- "BAKA! They're still very young. How can they manage the country? think carefully!" They got confused. 

The Prince stood up still holding the hand of the Princess.

Prince: "Everyone in the country of Everdeen. Despite of us being young, we still have a royal blood. No matter what, we're taking responsibility. It's wrong to say this in this kind of situation but, we need to start a new life and slowly move on. Also, we need to be prepared for the next time this phenomenon happened. Well, lucky for us if it'll won't happened again. First, start by cleaning the country. All the remaining guys, bring the corpse in one place and be sure to properly buried them. All the girls are responsible for cleaning up and taking care of the kids. If there are skilled doctor, please take good care of the injured ones. I'll help too." 

to be continued...

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